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What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.

In the world of Tommydoll, a fashion doll is an adult representation of a human being or otherwise anthropomorphic creature that wears clothing and accessories to an often sickening level, and knows how to sissy her walk. It does not include child character dolls, but sometimes may include older teenagers, as was the case with Barbie (and the unfortunate Janet Lennon). Skipper, Betsy McCall … Read More What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.

Paris Is Always A Good Idea…

Sabrina was right. I can’t think of anywhere to celebrate the coming of spring like Paris! Paris means so very much to me…for so many reasons. It is my infallible connection to all that is Europe, love, dolls…things that speak to me. London was my teacher, but Paris is ma coeur. It doesn’t matter that my French is weak at best, nor does it … Read More Paris Is Always A Good Idea…

Why Doesn’t Love Last?

Yes, I do take requests. And this was such a good question posted in the comments of this post, that I had to sit down and think. Really, there are so many reasons why dolls die. Harsh, you say…well, not to someone who loves dolls – because you see, that’s exactly what happens – some dolls die. Some for good reason, some for absolutely … Read More Why Doesn’t Love Last?

Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People Special – The Doll World Legends – Sydney Chase

She is one of the Doll World’s most mysteriously public figures surrounded in much debate and speculation, and her recent proclamation regarding her private life has sent ripples as far as Afghanistan, where she is revered for her khatai cookies. She is of course, Sydney Chase, daughter of the infamous Virginia Chase, fashion’s most notorious editor and Rod Chase, who disappeared under dubious circumstances … Read More Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People Special – The Doll World Legends – Sydney Chase

Sydney Chase: “I’m Gay”

Oh, those crazy characters and the web they weave… This morning at 6:24AM EST, while waiting in line for a bagel, Sydney Chase, owner of the mega-fashion modeling agency, Chase Modeling Agency, announced to WNYW-TV/FOX 5 New York, while wearing a smart coat paired with a Daphne bag, offered commentary on climate change while schmearing a generous helping of cucumber cream cheese, and sipping on … Read More Sydney Chase: “I’m Gay”


Saving Mrs. O’Neill

Many of my friends in the doll world will tell similar stories about the strong friendships they have made over the years – and that some such friends are held in familial reverence. This doesn’t surprise me at all. We all know non-blood relations that we feel are part of our families. My doll family began with the Madame Alexander Doll Club, and that … Read More Saving Mrs. O’Neill