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Hell Freezes Over – A FRODO Review: Tyler 2016

Let start a shitstorm…shall we, Puddings? I had to have this doll. I saw images of her on Facebook (thanks, Troy!)…and thought she was utterly fabulous. Yes, dears…Tyler Wentworth is back, and although not in such a grand scale as Mel Odom’s Gene Marshall’s treatment by JAMIEshow, this is the Tyler her fans will love by the very same doll maker that created her…at … Read More Hell Freezes Over – A FRODO Review: Tyler 2016

2015 – The Year That Was in Dolls

What an interesting year for dolls, indeed. Whereas we were missing the pomp and circumstance of big anniversary passages in 2014, 2015 still delivered all the goodies. Mattel, on more than one occasion, left us scratching our heads with new promotions, Integrity unleashed its usual round of 4.5 trillion dolls, Superdoll continued to amaze and delight, virtually nothing happened with Madame Alexander, and Tonner … Read More 2015 – The Year That Was in Dolls

Flutterwing Dolls by Shannon Craven Gives Big for Lily!

There are many repainters out there…but the renowned work of Shannon Craven at Flutterwing captures facial expression in a unique and bewitching way. I’ve admired Shannon’s celebrity work, and her fantasy art – many times, re-creating celebrity likenesses from sculpts not intentionally created to look like a particular person – that is an amazing talent in and of itself. Shannon is also currently nominated … Read More Flutterwing Dolls by Shannon Craven Gives Big for Lily!

2014 – The Year That Was In Dolls

  2014 was an interesting year for dolls, no? You had true magnificence and devastating disappointments, as we always do in the doll world. There is no question we are much more impassioned about our hobby than say…stamp collectors. Be that as it may, we cheer along with the grandest, and repress conniptions when we feel that age-old turn of the marketing machine’s thinking we’re some … Read More 2014 – The Year That Was In Dolls

The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…

The idea for this post came to me during the course of a few previous posts – the thought that dolls have changed over the centuries, and even more dramatically in modern times. But what caused those changes? I sat down and went through a dozen books on doll history, and I scoured the internet looking for common themes. Behold, the top 25 biggest … Read More The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…

Details Matter…

Details, details, details…this detail talk is spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored, I could scream! Yet another retailer pulls Mattel and Tonner from its inventory – this one was a big one, but not the only big one. The bulletin boards are all aflurry with the regular handful of people who discuss such things online…as opposed to … Read More Details Matter…


Saving Mrs. O’Neill

Many of my friends in the doll world will tell similar stories about the strong friendships they have made over the years – and that some such friends are held in familial reverence. This doesn’t surprise me at all. We all know non-blood relations that we feel are part of our families. My doll family began with the Madame Alexander Doll Club, and that … Read More Saving Mrs. O’Neill


Is It Love?

How do you know? Countless works of literature and soppy love songs have been written about the presence of requited love (and unrequited love, drears!). Well relax, this isn’t the type of consummate love one might come to search an entire life for (yes, that’s correct – I did end a sentence with a preposition). But there is no denying ours is a world … Read More Is It Love?