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Celebration: Kingdom Doll wears Tommydoll!

I didn’t take many of this gown in progress, because I was under a time crunch (aren’t I always?)…but you did get to see George Gonzalez’s stunning image of JAMIEshow Ginnie wearing Capricio in Haute Doll Magazine, here…and below… Working with densely hand-beaded silk chiffon is a challenge…requiring crushing of beads in seam allowances, and a fair amount of hand work to complete. But wouldn’t you … Read More Celebration: Kingdom Doll wears Tommydoll!

March Fashion Madness – A Photo Shoot

Yeah…it’s an Obsession – so today, we’re letting the pics speak for themselves! First up, you may recall the fabulously futuristic Jetson – and all three of the fave models seen by my Facebook peeps: 12inch Poppy Parker by Integrity Toys; 12inch Victoire Roux, also by Integrity; and BFMC Silkstone Barbie by Mattel. Gown and mini-dress by Tom Courtney; Brooch from Facets by Marcia; Shoes by Mattel.   Next … Read More March Fashion Madness – A Photo Shoot

Things Only Doll Collectors Would Understand…Really.

They’re mostly simple expressions doll collectors hear in the course of their hobby activities – but imagine a non-doll collector eavesdropping while you and your doll friends sat around over a glass of wine at some chic bistro…imagine, indeed… Is no one checking quality control anymore? Wow…a friend just PM’d me with a NRFB BJD with a set of MIB FBR and 2 IT … Read More Things Only Doll Collectors Would Understand…Really.

Nothing Makes An Ensemble Like Jools!!!

The JOOLS arrived!!! Thank you Facets by Marcia!!!

Marquise OOAK Auction is NOW LIVE!

The Auction is NOW LIVE – Click Here to Follow or Bid – Thank You! To see how this gown was made – click here. Thank you for reading and participating!!!  

Using My Powers For Good

With great power comes great responsibility – or so they say. People close to me know that I am very attached to my family. As a single gay man who just hit 50 in 2014, I don’t have children of my own – so I live vicariously through my brother’s and sister’s children, and now, their children, too. My eldest niece, Elizabeth, is very … Read More Using My Powers For Good

Celebration: Tommydoll in What’s Happening Magazine!

Big Thanks to Frank Garcia and Pedro Aguas at What’s Happening Magazine for the opportunity to show my work…it’s really cool to get recognition outside the doll community, considering non-doll people are so afraid of Annabelle, Chucky and the lot…morons.   In the article, you’ll see images of recent designs as Aurora, Infanta, Vienna, Scarlatto, Whie Tie and the newest Éire – a little something for … Read More Celebration: Tommydoll in What’s Happening Magazine!


Okay, so I haven’t posted anything for a while – and this dress is the culprit. I’d forgotten the tumultuous love/hate relationship I had with silk charmeuse. After rummaging through my bins looking for inspiration, I was so taken by the color, that it was easy to forgive its indiscretions of so many ruined dresses before. Feh…that’s the mind of an artist, I suppose. … Read More Éire

Tuxedos Are For Waiters…

This is the story of a doll dress, a white bow, and a pink eye… It’s a long drama about making a doll dress, so if you’re not into that – just look at the photos and read their captions to follow the progress. There – my good deed for the day is done (I’m practically inside the Pearly Gates as I write this)… … Read More Tuxedos Are For Waiters…

How To Attend A Doll Convention…Really.

The convention organizers got their marching orders here – now it’s time for the attendees to jot a few notes onto your pad. And it’s so very easy, really…it just takes some considerate thoughtfulness, medication, free will…and a whopping sack of cash. After just returning from the Barbie National Convention, I found myself as an attendee at a high profile doll event for the … Read More How To Attend A Doll Convention…Really.

The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…

The idea for this post came to me during the course of a few previous posts – the thought that dolls have changed over the centuries, and even more dramatically in modern times. But what caused those changes? I sat down and went through a dozen books on doll history, and I scoured the internet looking for common themes. Behold, the top 25 biggest … Read More The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…

‘Cause in Vienna…We Were Poetry…

I’ll keep this one to a minimum text-wise (you’re welcome)…because the images speak louder than words. As with inspirations here and here…this gown reflects a mood inspired by a city of splendor. Hand-beaded net sparkles over silk tissue taffeta, shirred extravagantly in an excessive need of fabric that fortifies Vienna’s charms. Once again, Poppy Parker is my muse…and her attitude is undeniable. Like a … Read More ‘Cause in Vienna…We Were Poetry…