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2015 – The Year That Was in Dolls

What an interesting year for dolls, indeed. Whereas we were missing the pomp and circumstance of big anniversary passages in 2014, 2015 still delivered all the goodies. Mattel, on more than one occasion, left us scratching our heads with new promotions, Integrity unleashed its usual round of 4.5 trillion dolls, Superdoll continued to amaze and delight, virtually nothing happened with Madame Alexander, and Tonner … Read More 2015 – The Year That Was in Dolls

2014 – The Year That Was In Dolls

  2014 was an interesting year for dolls, no? You had true magnificence and devastating disappointments, as we always do in the doll world. There is no question we are much more impassioned about our hobby than say…stamp collectors. Be that as it may, we cheer along with the grandest, and repress conniptions when we feel that age-old turn of the marketing machine’s thinking we’re some … Read More 2014 – The Year That Was In Dolls

A Touch of Gloss…

Take note, Puddings…this is how you turn a doll convention into an experience extraordinaire. After now seeing all of the major event organizers in action, most recently with Integrity Toys’ 2014 Gloss Convention – I can accurately report on the top events with confidence… Two weeks ago, I turned 50. It was a pretty disappointing day considering all the birthday cakes I bake for … Read More A Touch of Gloss…

Integrity Toys 2014 Convention – Getting Glossed Up

I’ve got my gloss, in five fantastic shades and flavors, thank you very much – do you? Next week, Integrity Toys hosts its highly-anticipated, instantly sold-out, 500-seat 2014 Gloss Convention in Orlando, FL – and Tommydoll will be there! I am certain you’ve all had time to brush up on your manners, yes? Tommydoll will also be bringing along a couple of my own designs, … Read More Integrity Toys 2014 Convention – Getting Glossed Up

Tuxedos Are For Waiters…

This is the story of a doll dress, a white bow, and a pink eye… It’s a long drama about making a doll dress, so if you’re not into that – just look at the photos and read their captions to follow the progress. There – my good deed for the day is done (I’m practically inside the Pearly Gates as I write this)… … Read More Tuxedos Are For Waiters…

How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.

For many doll makers, the doll convention represents something that is equal to, or even more important than, the release of its primary collections. And since new doll collections have mutated into a non-event for the collector as makers scatter their release timings across the calendar, any anticipation that comes therein is undeniably destroyed. Hence, we are left with companies’ annual conventions – events … Read More How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.

Celebration: Sharon Wright

Great photography always generates an emotional response – and when the photographer has the right ‘eye’ for styling, then the magic is complete. Celebrating the fashion doll photography of Sharon Wright, accomplished as a shudder snapper in her own right (pun intended)…and bringing fabulous eye candy to Haute Doll Magazine. Sharon sent me these images she took of my 16inch Poppy Parker Magic Moment … Read More Celebration: Sharon Wright

What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.

In the world of Tommydoll, a fashion doll is an adult representation of a human being or otherwise anthropomorphic creature that wears clothing and accessories to an often sickening level, and knows how to sissy her walk. It does not include child character dolls, but sometimes may include older teenagers, as was the case with Barbie (and the unfortunate Janet Lennon). Skipper, Betsy McCall … Read More What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.

Always Glow Brightly: Ginger, Jill, Ann…and a few Angels…

Having More fun with Integrity Toy’s 16-inch Poppy Parker. Using Poppy, one wild-ass wig…some incredible beaded crochet gowns by the late Paula Kagan…and ALOT of Photoshop…She wants to be loved by you…boo boo bee doop! Bring it Tina Louise, Ann Margret, Raquel Welch, and Jill St. John!   Oh, yes…and a little tribute to my Angels…didn’t have the heart to ‘shop’ out the red on … Read More Always Glow Brightly: Ginger, Jill, Ann…and a few Angels…

Apples and Oranges

I love writing a blog, because it gives me the chance to respond to stupid statements. I won’t identify the where or who involved in this discussion, but when it was implied that one doll company has little to no other competition; least of all, from those that make striking similar products – or those made from expensive resin…my blood started to boil… A … Read More Apples and Oranges

Happy Valentine’s Day

FRODO: Shaken, Not Stirred

This really isn’t a review, per se…it’s more of a celebration. Hit it, boys… Integrity Toys‘ 16-inch Poppy Parker ‘Magic Moment‘ literally takes my breath away…and does this gal love the camera! Ginger Grant was my generation’s Marilyn Monroe, and I just couldn’t get enough of her and that red hair! C’mon…you know we all would cry out in unison to the TV, “The … Read More FRODO: Shaken, Not Stirred