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Fabric Sketching

What exactly is a fabric sketch? Well, it’s exactly that – a ‘drawing’ that is done with fabric instead of pencil and paper – a sculpture, if you will. I used to do these all the time when playing and pinning – creating ideas from color and texture. Many of them are simply fabrics pinned to a doll – still others are fully lined … Read More Fabric Sketching

The Anatomy of a Competition – Part Two

  Part Two of the competition journey shows the making of a cocktail dress that rose from the frustration of a gown – namely, this gown. I had seen the ‘babydoll‘ concepts on a number of 60s fashions, and with that A-line silhouette made famous by designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, I was pretty sure this was were I wanted to go. This … Read More The Anatomy of a Competition – Part Two

The Anatomy of a Competition – Part One

I have always loved competitions. Whether you choose to participate or not, the dazzling array of creativity rarely disappoints. And yes, we all love to win, but there can only be a handful of ‘winners’ as one is never really certain just what specific elements on which the judges have placed their critical eyes. It’s usually a parade of the extravagant, involving such varying … Read More The Anatomy of a Competition – Part One


Okay, so I haven’t posted anything for a while – and this dress is the culprit. I’d forgotten the tumultuous love/hate relationship I had with silk charmeuse. After rummaging through my bins looking for inspiration, I was so taken by the color, that it was easy to forgive its indiscretions of so many ruined dresses before. Feh…that’s the mind of an artist, I suppose. … Read More Éire



You know, it’s been a damn long time since I sewed for Barbie…too long. Despite my library of Barbie clothes not being large – I have to admit, there exists a certain charm in making clothes for the world’s most famous doll…and she knows it. The creative process isn’t so very different from other dolls, but one thinks in a more grand sense despite her … Read More Infanta

Tuxedos Are For Waiters…

This is the story of a doll dress, a white bow, and a pink eye… It’s a long drama about making a doll dress, so if you’re not into that – just look at the photos and read their captions to follow the progress. There – my good deed for the day is done (I’m practically inside the Pearly Gates as I write this)… … Read More Tuxedos Are For Waiters…

‘Cause in Vienna…We Were Poetry…

I’ll keep this one to a minimum text-wise (you’re welcome)…because the images speak louder than words. As with inspirations here and here…this gown reflects a mood inspired by a city of splendor. Hand-beaded net sparkles over silk tissue taffeta, shirred extravagantly in an excessive need of fabric that fortifies Vienna’s charms. Once again, Poppy Parker is my muse…and her attitude is undeniable. Like a … Read More ‘Cause in Vienna…We Were Poetry…