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Apples and Oranges

I love writing a blog, because it gives me the chance to respond to stupid statements. I won’t identify the where or who involved in this discussion, but when it was implied that one doll company has little to no other competition; least of all, from those that make striking similar products – or those made from expensive resin…my blood started to boil… A … Read More Apples and Oranges

Always Glow Brightly: Poppy Parker

Oh, yes! There will be a FRODO Review of this lady…stay tuned!!!

How To Collect Dolls…Really.

So you’ve made it this far in my blog, and now you say to me, “Hey, Tommy – how can I collect dolls, too?” Well, puddings…let’s lighten things up a bit, and get down to the basic nitty-gritty of doll collecting. Even if you’ve been collecting for years, chances are likely you’ve been doing it all wrong – so sayeth me. I used to … Read More How To Collect Dolls…Really.


Saving Mrs. O’Neill

Many of my friends in the doll world will tell similar stories about the strong friendships they have made over the years – and that some such friends are held in familial reverence. This doesn’t surprise me at all. We all know non-blood relations that we feel are part of our families. My doll family began with the Madame Alexander Doll Club, and that … Read More Saving Mrs. O’Neill