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Gene Marshall and JAMIEshow 2015 Anniversary Convention

Yeah…just about everyone is abuzz on this…so wanted to chime in, too – because (wait for it)…Tommydoll can’t wait for this celebration! If you have one ticket to get this year, I’d definitely jump on board for this cabaret. Click here for the registration link and details – and I’d do it pretty soon, if you ask me…only 130 seats for this, Puddings! 20 … Read More Gene Marshall and JAMIEshow 2015 Anniversary Convention

The Best Doll Concepts…Really.

Let’s sit down for a little history lesson, shall we? This post has taken months to write. There are dolls here of which I know a great deal, yet others – not as much. In my search to find the best doll concepts, I found that they didn’t have to be separated into fashion dolls and everything else – because – only fashion dolls … Read More The Best Doll Concepts…Really.