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Tommydoll en Français

The International Doll World just got a little closer – thanks to Cecile at Miss Vinyl Blog – my French-Speaking Puddings can now enjoy the satire, too! Here’s what ma chérie has to say: Note de l’auteur: Cet extrait des Sombres Chroniques des Wentworth est une « fan fiction », une pure parodie. Nul n’en fait commerce… le but en est l’amusement et le respect de la devise … Read More Tommydoll en Français

Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far

It’s always interesting and wonderful to see what you’re reading most…and Puddings, you have been reading Tommydoll! Thank you so very much for tuning in..and if you’ve missed any of these, please add them to your Fall Reading List! #10 – Precious Independence #9 – March Fashion Madness – A Photo Shoot #8 – The Anatomy of an Icon #7 – The Art of the Bride #6 – 2014 – The Year … Read More Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far

OWN Exclusive Interview: Tyler Wentworth with Oprah

Lire cet article en français! – cliquez içi Author’s Note: The following excerpt of The Wentworth Shadows Chronicles is purely fan fiction parody. No one is making a red cent from it…and it’s all in good ‘power of play’ fun. If Hollywood happens to be sifting the internet looking for story ideas, this one will cost you a license from Tonner Doll Company, the rightful … Read More OWN Exclusive Interview: Tyler Wentworth with Oprah

Exclusively on OWN: Oprah Interviews Tyler Wentworth: “Marley is my daughter…”

You WON’T want to miss this…UPDATE: Re-scheduled to June 15 – Game of Thrones Season Finale is on Tonight, and Oprah doesn’t miss that… …check local prime time listings.