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Hell Freezes Over – A FRODO Review: Tyler 2016

Let start a shitstorm…shall we, Puddings? I had to have this doll. I saw images of her on Facebook (thanks, Troy!)…and thought she was utterly fabulous. Yes, dears…Tyler Wentworth is back, and although not in such a grand scale as Mel Odom’s Gene Marshall’s treatment by JAMIEshow, this is the Tyler her fans will love by the very same doll maker that created her…at … Read More Hell Freezes Over – A FRODO Review: Tyler 2016

FRODO: Sybarites Generation X Solitaire

Indeed. Clearly Superdoll needs no introduction, and even though I am not a regular reviewer of new dolls, I just had to chime in about the new Sybarites Generation X Solitaire. Considering all the snow hammering the US Northeast, I wasn’t so sure mine would get here quickly – and after ordering her just last week, I was happily taken aback when I came … Read More FRODO: Sybarites Generation X Solitaire

What’s Your FRODO?

It’s that time of year again…the new doll collections! Brush away that empty wallet, pull up a seat next to Uncle Tommy…and let’s talk. This is the time when manufacturers and artists unveil their new offerings up to you, the collecting deities you are…and don’t you forget that. But by the time the first dolls start delivering, the doll designers have moved on to … Read More What’s Your FRODO?