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The Anatomy of a Doll Suit

I love suits. A well-tailored suit is like a magnificent jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the pattern create a beautifully complicated and horrifically precise portrait of technique, imagination and style. Those who can craft them in 1:6 scale deserve parades in their honor, because it is quite the task just to make a jacket, period – in miniature, wondrous – but in Barbie size? Nobility. … Read More The Anatomy of a Doll Suit

Couture With a Mind of Its Own…

Many designers have a distinctive vision. They can clearly see a design in their head, render it to a reference sketch, and execute it beautifully. And then there’s me… I think that’s one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to cohesive design – although I can see the vision clearly in my head…I do allow it to run its own course, evolving as … Read More Couture With a Mind of Its Own…

Fabric Sketching

What exactly is a fabric sketch? Well, it’s exactly that – a ‘drawing’ that is done with fabric instead of pencil and paper – a sculpture, if you will. I used to do these all the time when playing and pinning – creating ideas from color and texture. Many of them are simply fabrics pinned to a doll – still others are fully lined … Read More Fabric Sketching

The Anatomy of a Competition – Part Two

  Part Two of the competition journey shows the making of a cocktail dress that rose from the frustration of a gown – namely, this gown. I had seen the ‘babydoll‘ concepts on a number of 60s fashions, and with that A-line silhouette made famous by designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, I was pretty sure this was were I wanted to go. This … Read More The Anatomy of a Competition – Part Two

The Anatomy of a Competition – Part One

I have always loved competitions. Whether you choose to participate or not, the dazzling array of creativity rarely disappoints. And yes, we all love to win, but there can only be a handful of ‘winners’ as one is never really certain just what specific elements on which the judges have placed their critical eyes. It’s usually a parade of the extravagant, involving such varying … Read More The Anatomy of a Competition – Part One