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How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.

For many doll makers, the doll convention represents something that is equal to, or even more important than, the release of its primary collections. And since new doll collections have mutated into a non-event for the collector as makers scatter their release timings across the calendar, any anticipation that comes therein is undeniably destroyed. Hence, we are left with companies’ annual conventions – events … Read More How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.

If Dolls Collected Humans

We’re a funny world, we doll people. But from the outside looking in, we can be perfectly mesmerizing in our talents, tastes, intelligence, creativity and even our stupidity. But that’s what makes us who we are – don’t hide from it – and don’t you dare deny it. In a parallel universe, dolls collect people – let’s rip a hole in space and time, … Read More If Dolls Collected Humans

How To Collect Dolls…Really.

So you’ve made it this far in my blog, and now you say to me, “Hey, Tommy – how can I collect dolls, too?” Well, puddings…let’s lighten things up a bit, and get down to the basic nitty-gritty of doll collecting. Even if you’ve been collecting for years, chances are likely you’ve been doing it all wrong – so sayeth me. I used to … Read More How To Collect Dolls…Really.