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Is It Love?

How do you know? Countless works of literature and soppy love songs have been written about the presence of requited love (and unrequited love, drears!). Well relax, this isn’t the type of consummate love one might come to search an entire life for (yes, that’s correct – I did end a sentence with a preposition). But there is no denying ours is a world … Read More Is It Love?


A Treatise On Dolls…

I remember when I first fell in love with a doll. Her name was Barbie, and she became my secret best friend. You see, this little lady almost always looked glamorous – except when my sister, Barbie’s rightful owner, got a hold of her. In the aftermath of my sister’s hands, Barbie and I would weep together as we brushed her hair and redressed … Read More A Treatise On Dolls…