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A New Year’s Photo Shoot with ‘Sandra Stilwell Presents…’

Something about glam and New Year’s that just goes hand-in-hand and drives me stupid blonde wild. Using the extraordinary couture samples from Sandra Stilwell and wigs by Ilaria Mazzoni…well, the job’s easy for the camera. Learn more about Sandra Stilwell Presents Richmond, VA event in 2017 here (info coming soon!) – and take a look at Ilaria’s ‘Time of Doll‘ stunning wigs here… Note: Featured … Read More A New Year’s Photo Shoot with ‘Sandra Stilwell Presents…’

Happy Christmas!!!

Because nothing says ‘Happy Christmas‘ like an axe and some S&M bondage – but I don’t have to explain it, Puddings…it’s Superdoll. My holidays were complete as I received dolls #1 and #2 (Midnite and Valkyre) from Superdoll’s 2015 Holiday offerings. And no, I noted no unusual knee joint issues on either of these beauties. The third doll, Forest, goes on sale tomorrow for … Read More Happy Christmas!!!

Kingdom Doll GLOWS in Our 2015 Holiday Shoot!

(CLICK IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW) I’m still amazed at those who don’t know about Kingdom Doll. Perhaps it’s because they sell out so quickly that few are even able to capture them – no. Much of it really comes from the fact that few subscribe to doll publications, or are otherwise too absorbed in their own doll interests to notice something new. Well, Puddings…these … Read More Kingdom Doll GLOWS in Our 2015 Holiday Shoot!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Who You Callin’ Cupcake?

OK…this has nothing to do with dolls…but it is Valentine’s Day, and I just couldn’t pull a good Valentine-themed post out of my ass for you, so I made cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, mind you…but fabulous cupcakes. Dolls and food don’t really mix (rest in peace, Bonnie Vivant), so this won’t be a regular thing. But indulge me, I don’t have a stinking … Read More Who You Callin’ Cupcake?