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NOTE: THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED 2/16/2017…SCROLL TO END FOR UPDATE… Let’s get one thing clear (I was going to say ‘straight’…oh, the irony): Homosexual, Transgender and Transvestite are not the same thing. One, two or all can be present in the same person, but in and of themselves, they are generally exclusive in terms of definition. You’d be surprised how many people out … Read More Trans-Action

Breaking News – GlamourOz Dolls Confirmed to Production

I have had a truly fucked fall. And as is true of most Tommydoll posts, this will include a fair amount of Tommy Drama…so deal with it… Not since my being laid off from Tonner in 2010 have I felt so disparaged by the doll world. Not that they haven’t been supportive in some ways, mind you…but also in other ways that totally and … Read More Breaking News – GlamourOz Dolls Confirmed to Production

The Lord Giveth, and He Taketh Away…

Well, not necessarily in that order… With the recent sad news of Tonner basically evaporating in lieu of something totally unknown, and Integrity dropping 1:4 scale like a hot brick – all is not lost… On Boxing Day 2016 (December 26, 2016) – you’ll be able to get a peek at a new 16″ Fashion Doll Collection – in…wait for it…NOT resin. Hard Plastic … Read More The Lord Giveth, and He Taketh Away…

What Makes a Doll Haute…Really.

That’s right, Puddings…we’re back… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – that much we know to be true. You might see something that appeals to your tastes, and yet – it can easily repulse another. People brave enough to stand by their artistic convictions have a damn strong point-of-view, and loads of self-confidence. Those that bully others into feeling something isn’t ‘good … Read More What Makes a Doll Haute…Really.

Are Fashion Dolls Over?

It is true that only fashion dolls matter – not just because of their reach, but also because of their ability to take reality and transform it into different eras, ethnicities and fantasies, all while maintaining the one thing that unites them as a genre – the clothing. Baby dolls can’t say the same thing. But it is also evident that not all fashion … Read More Are Fashion Dolls Over?

The Best Doll Concepts…Really.

Let’s sit down for a little history lesson, shall we? This post has taken months to write. There are dolls here of which I know a great deal, yet others – not as much. In my search to find the best doll concepts, I found that they didn’t have to be separated into fashion dolls and everything else – because – only fashion dolls … Read More The Best Doll Concepts…Really.

Putting the ‘L’ in Lammily…

Alright, enough…this has gone just a little too far. To some, it’s a people-interest insignificant story making ‘moms’ feel good about their bad parenting skills – to others, it’s a slap in the face of the phenomenon that generates a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s the average-sized fashion doll (don’t use ‘average Barbie’, because Barbie is anything but average, puddings) and it has caused quite … Read More Putting the ‘L’ in Lammily…

What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.

In the world of Tommydoll, a fashion doll is an adult representation of a human being or otherwise anthropomorphic creature that wears clothing and accessories to an often sickening level, and knows how to sissy her walk. It does not include child character dolls, but sometimes may include older teenagers, as was the case with Barbie (and the unfortunate Janet Lennon). Skipper, Betsy McCall … Read More What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.


A Rose By Any Other Name…

We are doll collectors – we usually will refer to our passion in the vernacular – or ‘doll‘. But what does this mean, exactly? In my opinion, the very nature of the doll is what can classify it, and set one apart from another. When you add the design style, country of origin, even the material, they can fall into genres or niches, depending … Read More A Rose By Any Other Name…