What Makes a Doll Haute…Really.


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That’s right, Puddings…we’re back… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – that much we know to be true. You might see something that appeals to your tastes, and yet – it can easily repulse another. People brave enough … Continue reading

The More You Know – How a Doll is Made…Really.


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Class is in session, Puddings… How many of you actually know how a doll is made? Surprisingly, not very many – and that is unfortunate, for one to be so engrossed in a hobby both financially and passionately, it’s almost … Continue reading

Top 20 Things Doll Collectors Are Doing All Wrong


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We already know how to play with our dolls from here. I’ve been personally involved in each and every one of these things…so I know what it means to not love your dolls correctly. Yes, it’s true…guilty, guilty, guilty – … Continue reading

The Top 21 Myths About The Doll World


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The doll world contains within its hallowed halls all kinds of misconceptions that are endlessly tossed around internet chatrooms and collector gathering places. As a seasoned collector and one who has worked in the industry, I find many of them … Continue reading