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NOTE: THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED 2/16/2017…SCROLL TO END FOR UPDATE… Let’s get one thing clear (I was going to say ‘straight’…oh, the irony): Homosexual, Transgender and Transvestite are not the same thing. One, two or all can be present in the same person, but in and of themselves, they are generally exclusive in terms of definition. You’d be surprised how many people out … Read More Trans-Action

The More You Know – How a Doll is Made…Really.

Class is in session, Puddings… How many of you actually know how a doll is made? Surprisingly, not very many – and that is unfortunate, for one to be so engrossed in a hobby both financially and passionately, it’s almost unfathomable to comprehend how few really know what the process is. This isn’t it, Mattel. The scores of talented and skilled individuals that come together … Read More The More You Know – How a Doll is Made…Really.

Maybe It’s Tatooine…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” If you don’t know this phrase, you really need to get your head out of your ass and live a little… She is perhaps the most iconic princess in cinema history without a tiara – and when she officially became a Disney Princess – well, let’s just say my incontinence was significant. Not only am I a huge … Read More Maybe It’s Tatooine…

The More You Know – Repaints

NOTE: Many of the Artist Images used in this blog post are credited to the artist, and clicking the image will transport you to their website or contact points such as Flickr, Facebook, Etsy or Pinterest – explore with wonder!!! Let’s get intellectual – shall we, Dears? Many of my readers have commented on how much they learn when they read my blog, and … Read More The More You Know – Repaints

The Anatomy of a Doll Suit

I love suits. A well-tailored suit is like a magnificent jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the pattern create a beautifully complicated and horrifically precise portrait of technique, imagination and style. Those who can craft them in 1:6 scale deserve parades in their honor, because it is quite the task just to make a jacket, period – in miniature, wondrous – but in Barbie size? Nobility. … Read More The Anatomy of a Doll Suit

The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…

The idea for this post came to me during the course of a few previous posts – the thought that dolls have changed over the centuries, and even more dramatically in modern times. But what caused those changes? I sat down and went through a dozen books on doll history, and I scoured the internet looking for common themes. Behold, the top 25 biggest … Read More The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…

How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.

For many doll makers, the doll convention represents something that is equal to, or even more important than, the release of its primary collections. And since new doll collections have mutated into a non-event for the collector as makers scatter their release timings across the calendar, any anticipation that comes therein is undeniably destroyed. Hence, we are left with companies’ annual conventions – events … Read More How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.

The Anatomy Of A Doll Dress

In the rapture of a moment where a doll collector first beholds any given doll, it is debatable as to what they see first. Is it the doll’s face, or is it the fashion which envelopes the character? A fine line can easily be drawn as to what brings the most appeal, but there is no denying that the clothing elicits a grab on … Read More The Anatomy Of A Doll Dress

It’s Not Lying, It’s Marketing…

I hate stupid people. I know that’s not a very healthy or Christian-thing to say, and that’s just what the world needs is a little more hate – but why deny it? It’s true, and realizing you have a problem is the best beginning in dealing with it. But my hate of stupid people isn’t really my problem, it’s theirs…because being stupid can easily … Read More It’s Not Lying, It’s Marketing…

Why Doesn’t Love Last?

Yes, I do take requests. And this was such a good question posted in the comments of this post, that I had to sit down and think. Really, there are so many reasons why dolls die. Harsh, you say…well, not to someone who loves dolls – because you see, that’s exactly what happens – some dolls die. Some for good reason, some for absolutely … Read More Why Doesn’t Love Last?