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Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far

It’s always interesting and wonderful to see what you’re reading most…and Puddings, you have been reading Tommydoll! Thank you so very much for tuning in..and if you’ve missed any of these, please add them to your Fall Reading List! #10 – Precious Independence #9 – March Fashion Madness – A Photo Shoot #8 – The Anatomy of an Icon #7 – The Art of the Bride #6 – 2014 – The Year … Read More Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far

The More You Know – How a Doll is Made…Really.

Class is in session, Puddings… How many of you actually know how a doll is made? Surprisingly, not very many – and that is unfortunate, for one to be so engrossed in a hobby both financially and passionately, it’s almost unfathomable to comprehend how few really know what the process is. This isn’t it, Mattel. The scores of talented and skilled individuals that come together … Read More The More You Know – How a Doll is Made…Really.

FRODO: Sybarites Generation X Solitaire

Indeed. Clearly Superdoll needs no introduction, and even though I am not a regular reviewer of new dolls, I just had to chime in about the new Sybarites Generation X Solitaire. Considering all the snow hammering the US Northeast, I wasn’t so sure mine would get here quickly – and after ordering her just last week, I was happily taken aback when I came … Read More FRODO: Sybarites Generation X Solitaire

The Anatomy Of A Doll Dress

In the rapture of a moment where a doll collector first beholds any given doll, it is debatable as to what they see first. Is it the doll’s face, or is it the fashion which envelopes the character? A fine line can easily be drawn as to what brings the most appeal, but there is no denying that the clothing elicits a grab on … Read More The Anatomy Of A Doll Dress


Is It Love?

How do you know? Countless works of literature and soppy love songs have been written about the presence of requited love (and unrequited love, drears!). Well relax, this isn’t the type of consummate love one might come to search an entire life for (yes, that’s correct – I did end a sentence with a preposition). But there is no denying ours is a world … Read More Is It Love?