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Making Goodness…

Because we at Tommydoll have an affinity for making pure 100% American goodness, it should come as no surprise that our brand of goodness vastly involves talented individuals in other countries. And as you wait patiently for me to complete the big lens images of Red…(catch-up here, dear)…please take a moment from your morning tea to indulge in pure teasery… The fine folks at … Read More Making Goodness…

Check Under The Hood, Please…

I know what you’re thinking: “I thought Alice in Wonderland was your thing?” Well…it was when I still had a doll collection; but honestly, I’m into just about any kind of fairytale heroine as long as she’s wearing couture. When I received The Modsdoll’s Eileen in late 2015, I fell in love. The sculpt, styling and painted details so captured me, that I honestly … Read More Check Under The Hood, Please…

Anna Dances in our July Photo Shoot

If you’ve been following – Anna has had a whirlwind of dancing. This is the final doll, dressed for her King – adding the beaded snood, hair styling and gown. Here’s how she fared in front of the camera…enjoy! She’s a lovely Barbie…but is Ann Swindell’s design and execution of the Siam Golden Palace Ballroom and its King that made Anna dance on a cloud! … Read More Anna Dances in our July Photo Shoot

Rising From The Ashes

Inspiration can arrive in many forms. Usually, we are beset by the visual that brings such florid images to our imagination. But when you have a commission request from one who is blind…well, one’s thoughts of fashion-traditional ideas leave us for another type of inspiration – one that is tactile. It’s an intriguing thought, and one I thought I had nailed in the concept … Read More Rising From The Ashes

Tommydoll Gets Some Action

Action Figures, that is…get your mind out of the gutter…really. Now that SDCC 2015 has come and gone with loads of exciting new collectible releases – AND – a dynamite NEW Star Wars Trailer, not to mention The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer…well, I could go on and on and on… Anyhoo…I can now discuss my involvement with Mezco Toys’ NEW One:12 Collective series of 6inch … Read More Tommydoll Gets Some Action

The Anatomy of an Icon

OK, so I don’t do reproductions – well, not exactly. There’s a difference in someone showing me a picture of a doll, and saying, ‘here, make this.’ Nope…won’t do it. But – when the inspirations come from the worlds of fashion and cinema, and as long as there’s room for interpretation (and there’s a challenge), then I can easily reconsider my policy of reproductions … Read More The Anatomy of an Icon

Redemption for the Jilted Bride

Please enjoy the images I took today of Amour – and learn how this bridal ensemble was made -click here. I am happy to announce that this ensemble is now sold – and thank you to all that inquired – including a wonderful shout out to Dave DeCaro and his Gene Marshall Blog for helping to broaden my reach – I thank you for … Read More Redemption for the Jilted Bride

The Art of the Bride

There’s something truly beautiful about a bride, and whether it’s a female or male bride doesn’t really matter. There’s a certain joy you can see in the hopeful light of a bride’s eyes – one they carry as a beacon toward an unknown future together. For those that choose to embellish the matrimonial celebration with loads of frippery, you’ve got more balls than most. … Read More The Art of the Bride

Maybe It’s Tatooine…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” If you don’t know this phrase, you really need to get your head out of your ass and live a little… She is perhaps the most iconic princess in cinema history without a tiara – and when she officially became a Disney Princess – well, let’s just say my incontinence was significant. Not only am I a huge … Read More Maybe It’s Tatooine…

Commissions for the 2015 Design Year

Oh no…you heard correctly…The Tommydoll 2015 Commission Spots are now SOLD OUT. If you would like to get on my waiting list (no deposit required for waiting list) – click here. Thank YOU!!!