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NOTE: THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED 2/16/2017…SCROLL TO END FOR UPDATE… Let’s get one thing clear (I was going to say ‘straight’…oh, the irony): Homosexual, Transgender and Transvestite are not the same thing. One, two or all can be present … Continue reading

Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far


It’s always interesting and wonderful to see what you’re reading most…and Puddings, you have been reading Tommydoll! Thank you so very much for tuning in..and if you’ve missed any of these, please add them to your Fall Reading List! #10 … Continue reading

Souvenirs at BarbieCon


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Of course, it wouldn’t be doll convention without the loot, right? As an added advantage at our particular table, we were also gifted by tablemates with the coolest Barbie accessories for your iPhone, iPad and a wallet/organizer, Barbie Scarf and rhinestone … Continue reading

The Fashion Show at BarbieCon


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The highlight for me during Barbie events is the Fashion Show. Sure, it’s silly…but it’s also infectious fun and loads of laughter and energy. There’s no shortage of pizzazz with this group – it’s fun, pure, pink and simple. Anyone … Continue reading