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Super. Doll. Sybarites Generation X – Solitaire On Camera

Man…does this girl love the camera…those following my review of Solitaire, will want to see how she performs for the camera…she’s good like that…See even more images of Solitaire HERE… “She’ll bite, she’ll scratch, she’ll scream all night! Hair of blonde, lips red as blood. Romance won’t ever see her…. but if you dare, here click this link, and fore you know…. you too … Read More Super. Doll. Sybarites Generation X – Solitaire On Camera

Flutterwing Dolls by Shannon Craven Gives Big for Lily!

There are many repainters out there…but the renowned work of Shannon Craven at Flutterwing captures facial expression in a unique and bewitching way. I’ve admired Shannon’s celebrity work, and her fantasy art – many times, re-creating celebrity likenesses from sculpts not intentionally created to look like a particular person – that is an amazing talent in and of itself. Shannon is also currently nominated … Read More Flutterwing Dolls by Shannon Craven Gives Big for Lily!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Tyler Wentworth!

On December 14, 1999 – the very first Tyler Wentworth dolls shipped to retailers. It was a thrilling moment for the Tonner Cheerleaders – the first production run of Tyler was not without its issues, though…unpainted scalps, a hole in the head, and a minimal quantity in her initial shipment. But that didn’t sway any of we-the-faithful who had been virtually ‘playing’ with Tyler … Read More Happy 15th Anniversary, Tyler Wentworth!

Aaaar…We Be Traveling, Matey!

Tommydoll will be traveling from 9-18 March 2014…I might get a post in during that time, but if I do not, please have patience, the madness will continue on March 19, 2014. Thank you for reading Tommydoll – means the world to me, Puddings! 

Always Glow Brightly: Ginger, Jill, Ann…and a few Angels…

Having More fun with Integrity Toy’s 16-inch Poppy Parker. Using Poppy, one wild-ass wig…some incredible beaded crochet gowns by the late Paula Kagan…and ALOT of Photoshop…She wants to be loved by you…boo boo bee doop! Bring it Tina Louise, Ann Margret, Raquel Welch, and Jill St. John!   Oh, yes…and a little tribute to my Angels…didn’t have the heart to ‘shop’ out the red on … Read More Always Glow Brightly: Ginger, Jill, Ann…and a few Angels…

Always Glow Brightly: Poppy Parker

Oh, yes! There will be a FRODO Review of this lady…stay tuned!!!

Glowing Brightly: On Vacation

Having a blast with camera in Central Florida meeting new friends, playing with dolls…and making a special jaunt to the happiest place on earth… Be back soon…been working on some fun things for you…Love, light and dolls… And remember, always glow brightly… Tommydoll!

Glowing Brightly: Abbe Lane by Superdoll

If you are not familiar with superdoll_collectables, you’re missing out. In 2013, they released a Marl&B Exclusive sculpt honoring Hollywood Femme Fatale, Abbe Lane. Abbe Lane is a variety star beauty that has contributed to film and television – learn more here and here. This version, called ‘You Devil You’ is an edition of 99 pieces, and she is still available for $775 at … Read More Glowing Brightly: Abbe Lane by Superdoll