Navigating the world one doll at a time...

Navigating the world one doll at a time…

A collector since 1982, Tom (Tommy) Courtney has worked in the doll industry since 1996 in sales, marketing, advertising, graphic art planning and preparation, art direction, production management, product and packaging design, event planning, brand management, writing and editing, photography and product styling – there’s not much he doesn’t know and/or remember about his days working for Tonner Doll Company prior to 2011. He is easily annoyed by people leeching off the doll industry, or harping on its myths and misconceptions. He also really can’t stand stupid people. He now does a job that is none of your beeswax.

Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

He knows lots of famous people and otherwise significant personalities in the doll world, and he can name-drop with the best of them. Tommy also knows a great deal about the doll and its industry (which is a helluva lot more than any other doll blogger can say with a few exceptions) – to know more about the basis of this blog and Tommy’s Treatise on Dolls – click here.


Who, Me?

He’s not really an asshole, but he does have specific views on the doll world, its participants, and its happenings – he writes from his heart and experiences, because no one else will. Enjoy!

5 Comments on “Who the Hell is tommydoll?

  1. You worked for Tonner Doll?! I never did bring myself to buy any of the Mary Engelbreit dolls while they were still in production. Still shooting myself in the foot over that. I love your sense of humor, by the way. And your fantastic tiara, too.

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