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One can easily see why we doll collectors unite at events such as MetroDolls’ 2017 ‘A Novel Romance’ event – to celebrate the beauty and artistry of our favorite subject! But it’s through romance novels that some of doll artistry lends itself to the most sublime of themes not only in costume, but theme and emotion. By the way, MetroDolls has souvenirs for sale via their website, here…so you do still have a chance to be a part of it.

Silent Auction Items

And despite the cliques that inevitably bond together, we are all still in that room for the same reason…for the dolls. And, in this delightful circumstance, to raise money for a deserving and honorable cause – The Guide Dog Foundation, who supports guide dogs for the blind and companion dogs for veterans in need.

Anna Karenina Centerpiece Doll by Miriam Shepard for Yum Yum Couture, featuring face paint and hair by Cheryl Black Jackson. 

In order to navigate through an event such as this, there are large groups of people, timing with regards to presentations, the auction, raffles, etc – and then there’s the actual anticipation of the big reveal, in this case, Tonner Doll’s Garden Encounter Claire from the Starz Series Outlander – the first release of a doll from this series.

From the shopping, to the huge selection of raffle items (I won two things!!!), one would go to such an event just to hear Robert Tonner discuss the evolving technology used in dollmaking, including his own digital sculpting experience rising into a tech-savvy world that draws upon the animated computer game industry, to John Davey relating fascinating anecdotes about selections from his vast collection of vintage couture and Hollywood costumes (some on display in the Louis Vuitton exhibit in New York).

From John Davey’s Costume Collection

There’s a treat here everywhere you turn – there are old friends here, as in Sandra Stilwell Present’s Richmond Event, of whom I haven’t seen in years. And through all of my memories, saltiness and anger dished out on this blog, there is still a camaraderie that harks to a day when we all got along so very well.


Michael Basala’s OOAK Pidgin by Joshua David McKenney wearing Tonner/Tyler Wentworth turned heads as she visited our table (no, not a part of the auction or event souvenirs – but she stole many glances!)

See a full list of the MetroDolls 2017 Auction Items, Artist and Information – Click Here

Live Auction Items

Now…I’m not going to drastically change the direction of my blog, but I do feel it’s time to evolve, too…put a truce in place, and concentrate on the things most of my readers love: beautiful dolls and doll clothing, how it’s made, and the history of our doll world. Maybe this time around will involve a bit more positive of an approach. Be that as it may, I will never give up the use of the word, ‘fuck’, so don’t even think about it.

Live Auction Items

MetroDolls and Sandra Stilwell remind me why it’s important to attend doll events. No, it’s not just about supporting the community (though that is a primary reason) – but it is about the love of dolls – the one positive thing we undeniably share.

Live Auction Items

Look…I am honest, emotional at times, passionate, hateful and embarrassing when I get too carried away – and Hell hath no fury like Tommy scorned. But one thing I know, and I am pretty sure is shared by people who know me well, and hopefully will always remember about me: I am genuine – I am unique – and I am not above self-improvement if it brings more happiness to a life that now seems to improve regularly. It’s time to move on, to play with dolls…and to stop being such an angry old bitch. Sounds good on paper…check in with me in a few months with a progress report – I trust you will let me know how I’m doing, Puddings.


Theresa, Brianna and me…

Thank you to MetroDolls and Theresa for such a wonderful support of Brianna’s $3700 contribution to the $18,000+ raised for The Guide Dog Foundation. Thank you to Yian Lee, Modsdoll, Time of Doll, and Marcia Friend for a dreamy collaboration. Thank you to my family for not disowning me. Thank you to my friends, old and new – for being there. And thank you to my readers, who keep me in check, give invaluable feedback both on the blog and in private communications, and who keep it all real.

10 Comments on “Truce

  1. Congratulations to you for that amazing auction selection.Your blood, sweat and tears yielded tremendous results and for a very good cause! .
    So glad you’re starting to re-connect with events and people in our little Dollyworld. It’s better to be a part than apart. It was good to see you!

  2. once again, the gown was exquisite: the best design & outfit in the whole auction.

  3. Beautiful. A complete human is always evolving. I am so pleased for you that you are embracing this growth of self, awaiting its further revelations.

    Creative people can get stalled…I have been there myself many times…and it is especially painful when you (rhetorical “you” intended throughout this paragraph) require so much more of yourself than the average person who is comfortable in their more predictable life. I am not trying to be snobby here, none of this “deplorables” stuff, being human is hard for anybody, just stating the truth: it’s a much harder journey when you have creative, sensitive wiring to contend with. Everything requires so much more processing, reacting, judging, editing, before you throw it out or reshape it to suit. (It’s what I called before “the examined life”.) And when you break through a self-imposed wall, it is a wonderful thing, albeit scary at times. You have to let yourself be scared at those times, and live through it. Ride the wave and know it’s OK to have fears.

    I have realized too often over the last few years how much I need to grow up…and finally just let myself be who I am supposed to be at this age. Not get caught in the ideals and unfinished adventures of the past. Once I let myself be the age I am, it was a relief. I will still have adventures but will allow myself to consume them more slowly, I think. And perhaps learn to love them more. Much of that blossomed when I started reconnecting, selectively, with people I knew years ago (found ’em through Facebook! Which I had avoided for years). And seeing myself through new eyes, as they see me, is fun. (Yes, I am self-involved. Unashamedly.)

    Keep showing us how you do it…no longer being rhetorical here…I love your blog and your unique perspective and fabulous taste. Please keep blogging and showing us your way as often as you can find the time and the need! Seriously, this blog is one of my very favorite things. I can’t get enough of your couture and your wide-ranging insider info.

  4. After following your blog for many years I am very happy to have met you at MetroDolls. I especially enjoyed seeing your beautiful Brianna in person. She is truly a work of art! I look forward to seeing your newest creations using smocking and silk ribbon embroidery. Your talent and creativity are inspiring!

  5. Well, here I am commenting a month after your post but I wanted you to know that the whole thing made me happy. I have always been one of your fondest fans and I still continue in that vein.

    Big hugs to you and I hope I catch up with you at an event in the future.
    Trish Winstead

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