The one in the back is for Janine…so cool your jets, Puddings…

Because we at Tommydoll have an affinity for making pure 100% American goodness, it should come as no surprise that our brand of goodness vastly involves talented individuals in other countries. And as you wait patiently for me to complete the big lens images of Red…(catch-up here, dear)…please take a moment from your morning tea to indulge in pure teasery


This one is only included to mess with you…

The fine folks at MetroDolls will be holding its bi-annual event this November (learn all about it here)…and in their tradition of teaming with top names in the fashion doll world, their 2017 charity goal this year will be The Guide Dog Foundation. With one who has personal experience with friends and family who are sight-impaired, this is a special cause…one near and dear to many in our lives…


From the website: For 70 years, the Guide Dog Foundation has trained and placed guide and service dogs to provide increased independence, enhanced mobility, and companionship to people who are blind, have low vision or have other disabilities. Please take time to learn more here – and please watch the MetroDolls website for auction items after October 1, 2017 (the event is November 12, 2017 and features an extraordinary souvenir doll by Robert Tonner based on the insanely popular Outlander Series on Starz.


One can only hope

Learn more about Outlander costume designer, Terry Dresbach here – whichever design Tonner chooses in its license for the MetroDolls‘ souvenir is certain to be a wonderful interpretation in miniature.


Outlander Designs by Terry Dresbach

I am honored to once again be included in MetroDolls’ fine panoply of artists asked to provide finery to the charity auction – Metro Gold was my first participatory effort, and as you can see, she was a great partnership!


MetroDolls OOAK hand-painted by Yian Lee of The Modsdoll

This year, it is with great ticklery and joy that I am dressing The Modsdoll’s One-of-a-Kind (Jazmin sculpt) doll for the auction. A stunning OOAK, hand-painted by Yian Lee of Modsdoll, herself (read my interview and enjoy her eye-candy dolls here) – and uniquely coiffed by the multi-talented and ubiquitously known Ilaria of Time of Doll. The doll will come with certificate of authenticity, and she is expected to be quite the romantic beautydon’t forget to follow her progress via my Instagram to see the gown come together


Tommydoll concept for OOAK wig design to be hand-crafted by Ilaria of Time of Doll.


A skirt comes together…


Fabric Porn…



Razzle and Frippery…

So, right then…let me get to it! We’ve got a Goddess to dress, Puddings!!! So we can take comfort in knowing that John Oliver has yet to discover his fear in something else…Thanks, John…you nitwit…


But my, oh my…what a gown this will be!


I know what you’re thinkingget your mind out of the gutter




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