Who isn’t always looking for something new…right? I’ve got some news for the 1:6 scale collector that may tickle your fancy…and no, it’s not American Gods Devour Barbie (if only…)


Even while on vacation, a story be brewing…hang tight, and you’ll learn it here, Puddings…it just might light your head on fire…


However new concepts tickle your fancy…this is one artist who likes to generate fun for his audience…stay tuned…


2 Comments on “Well, Hell Yeah…

  1. lol, American Gods is killer [read all of his books] and so is Sense8 I just hope netflix gets the show on the road where we don’t have to wait eons for Season 3 on S8. Staz was smart & already signed S2 for AG before Ep3 came on last night. I am hoping you show some love for the 1/4 sized girls soon!

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