A big recap means too much thought..what do you think?

Yeah…a fun year with lots of bullshit…let’s recap:

GlamourOz Dolls Tonner Dolls
Superdoll Conventions Integrity Conventions
Not Needing Integrity’s ‘Official Announcement’ Waiting for Integrity’s ‘Official Announcement’
Barbie as a Trump Mistress Barbie for President
Fake News FDQ
Original Sculpts Recasts
Fantasy Fashion Bodies Big Doll Heads
Sewing for Dolls Doll Photography
Stand Haute Doll
Andrew Yang Nicholas Lamm
Flash Sales Factory Sales
Plastic Resin
Original Gene Marshall JAMIEshow Gene Marshall
Re-rooting Wig Caps
Tailored Suits Ballgowns
Blow-molded Packaging Twist Ties, Straps and Ribbon Knots
Rya Jones Jones Publishing
Classic Fashion Avant-Garde Fashion
DevaDolls Kingdom Doll
Therapy with  Professional Therapist Therapy with Friends on Bulletin Boards
Shopping Buying
GoFundMe Charity Fund-Raising OOAK Charity Doll Auctions
Draping Flat Pattern
Vodka at Conventions Wine at Conventions
Adults at Conventions Children at Conventions
One Single Souvenir Doll Souvenir Collections
Originals Illustrated Couture Illustrated
Barbie as Barbie Barbie as Celebrities
Sanding Seams Raw Seams
Nigel Chia Jason Wu
A Single European Barbie Convention Multiple European-Based Barbie Conventions
Doll Discussion Focus Groups Doll Clubs
Learning About Collecting Fashion Dolls Reading the “Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold” blog
Admiring $80,000 Art Dolls Buying $80,000 Art Dolls
Celebrity OOAK Projects by The Repaint Society Celebrity Deaths
Criticizing Kingdom Doll Criticizing Superdoll
Gloves with fingers Painted replacement hands
Real clothes for Action Figures Molded clothes for Action Figures
TrueShit HorseShit

I can assure you…watch me…stakes just got higher…and who really needs DOLLS Magazine, anyway…(right, Diana?)…

Several lives were sacrificed to bring this data…and it all got tossed like this…


Damn droids. I love you, Carrie Fisher

15 Comments on “2016…Really?

  1. You’re the greatest and the Ins and Outs are entirely true. So enjoyed reading it! Keep up the tweak work! Happy New Year Baby!!

  2. I’ve always said that Terri Gold and Pat Henry are misinformed losers. Apparently only their opinions count. I’m glad to see that you are setting the record straight!

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