Well, not necessarily in that order…


If someone asks if you are a God, you say, ‘yes‘.

With the recent sad news of Tonner basically evaporating in lieu of something totally unknown, and Integrity dropping 1:4 scale like a hot brick – all is not lost


On Boxing Day 2016 (December 26, 2016) – you’ll be able to get a peek at a new 16″ Fashion Doll Collection – in…wait for it…NOT resin. Hard Plastic and vinyl, to be precise – with an extraordinary wardrobe of detail, flourish and sexy, dangerous style. Finally, someone has stepped up their game to fill the void with extraordinary, non-corporate-driven 16″ fashion dolls that will undoubtedly be worthy of Robert Tonner’s legacy as a sculptor, and fashion doll creator like no other…ever.


As most of my readers know by now…there are many types of fashion dolls – and you can learn more about them here. Born from a Creator of Goddesses – these new fashion dolls are art-driven. They feature a of hands-on art and manufacturing. The are not Heathers, and even ascend above the Doyennes because of superior articulation and diversity. It seems painfully appropriate they are GODs


Time to get excited again, Puddings…you’ve been waiting for these ladies…


I’ll have what she’s having…


My blog is satire, but your thoughts are welcome!

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