Because nothing says ‘Happy Christmas‘ like an axe and some S&M bondage – but I don’t have to explain it, Puddings…it’s Superdoll. My holidays were complete as I received dolls #1 and #2 (Midnite and Valkyre) from Superdoll’s 2015 Holiday offerings. And no, I noted no unusual knee joint issues on either of these beauties. The third doll, Forest, goes on sale tomorrow for shipping in early January.

Superdoll of London - Forest (image: Superdoll)

Superdoll of London – Forest (image: Superdoll)

So naturally, we will all be celebrating Boxing Day sleeping off Christmas hangovers, waiting by our windows to the internet, and pining for her. In the meantime, enjoy some shots we shared together today (click images for larger view) of Midnite and Valkyre…and Happy Christmas to ALL!!!


Midnite by Superdoll (Photo: Tommydoll)


Valkyre by Superdoll (Photo: Tommydoll)

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10 Comments on “Happy Christmas!!!

  1. Wonderful pics, Tom! I’m actually sorry I missed these ladies. I am MAD for Midnite’s gown. One of my favorite dresses from my misspent youth was midnight blue velvet, and for the gown alone I would have bought her!

  2. Valkyre sure puts the poke back into poke bonnet.

    Love them both and they’re lucky girls to come and live with you, Tommy.

    I wish you Merry Season and many more.

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