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I’m still amazed at those who don’t know about Kingdom Doll. Perhaps it’s because they sell out so quickly that few are even able to capture them – no. Much of it really comes from the fact that few subscribe to doll publications, or are otherwise too absorbed in their own doll interests to notice something new. Well, Puddings…these have been around for two years years now, so there’s no excuse.


Yes, yes…I’ve heard the moaning…’they’re too difficult to get’. Bullshit, really – it’s just that most are too lazy to attach themselves to our hobby in the way we know our hobby to be. We are obsessive-compulsive addicts in search of the latest and greatest. It doesn’t matter that you like or dislike the sculpts – nevertheless, to say you haven’t heard of them is just criminal. Are you a doll collector…or a passer-by that simply just doesn’t know…or worse…care. My dears, this isn’t my problem…and I could care less how stupid you sound when you say you’ve never heard of them.


I encountered this frequently at regional doll shows with Tonner – so many people kept asking about Tyler Wentworth – who is she? Who makes her? “Do you read the doll publications?” I would ask. Well…we know the answer.


In a world that is dominated by the bitchy, stupid people who have an issue with vinyl knee joints being misshaped, and not even knowing the very simple solution to correct it – those that complain about company-sponsored customer service as ‘the worst’…because they, as collectors…are by far, too demanding on the nature of the product itself to accept that shit happens…that there are reasonable solutions to deal with them (and the companies who have tired of dealing with your crap, and decided to just take the hit over that you vomit on the internet) – those that open their boxes months after receiving a doll, only to find the one unfortunate thing that few, if any, have discussed…I think you see a pattern of the chronic complainer, and their world of which they live. I hear you – “It’s a great product that’s at the top of its game, but rather than celebrate the triumphs of manufactured doll artistry, I would rather dwell on a reality of vinyl molding that I have little to zero understanding.” Morons…you’re better suited to collecting lint than fine dolls.

Let's just trim off some vinyl for stupity's sake...

Let’s just trim off some vinyl for stupity’s sake…

I can’t say I’ve heard much of this coming from the Kingdom Doll faithful. It’s unfortunate that so many are unfamiliar with these grand examples of manufactured Goddesses that employs the highest level of hand-finishing/painting/love – it’s really time to come out from under your rock – Integrity Toys can’t sustain you forever, even if they do offer you 150 million dolls in the last quarter of the calendar year.

Years of therapy ahead for that one...

Years of therapy ahead for that one…he’ll be at Integrity’s next convention…

I know what you’re thinking…yeah, I’ve done work for ‘brother’ company Kinsman – so I’m in it for the goo – right? Yeah, keep thinking that – I’m pretty independent, and I’ll call it like I see it – so you can choose to read on, or divest your attention to the latest Tonner factory sale (and it’s absurd new website incapable of even the most basic of navigation), where it seemed much sale products were still available at its close – how about a Sindy for your stocking stuffer this year?. “I just wanted a BB Gun!!!” Yeah, he’s there too…hope that deal with that unknown doll manufacturer merger works out for you, Robert. By the way, what is Tonner Toys doing lately? Hope he’s enjoying his office

Hey...that was MY office!!!

Hey…that was MY office!!!

Whoa…I WAY digress, Puddings. This is supposed to be about holiday and joy…and not the ramblings of some bulletin board maven claiming thousands of readers (no…not me!). This should be about Holly…so let’s meet her, shall we?

Holly meets Wendy at Dollology's Holiday Gathering...

Holly meets Wendy at Dollology’s Holiday Gathering…

The Brigantes sculpt from Kingdom Doll – graciously reintroduced as a basic holiday treat of in my humble opinion (and highly arguable to some friends who are KD fans), the best of the KD sisters. This is a sublime face that greets you with expression, invitation, and ovation. I’d do a FRODO for her, but it would read as old news when my thoughts are so damn clear about her quality and artistry.

Holly is confused at the wicker deer in her holiday photo shoot set, but remains the consummate professional...

Holly is confused at the wicker deer in her holiday photo shoot set, but remains the consummate professional…

Holly is number two in the Angels limited series offered by Kingdom Doll (Cinnamon being the first and Star remaining for a New Year release). Despite having a new career and paycheck…I had to choose – unlike those that buy, wait months to debox (if only) and then sell at inflated prices just to show-off. I only wish my husband had that kind of money (hang on…I don’t have a husband – so take due notice thereof, and govern yourselves accordingly – and I’m a damn good cook, too).



She is, of course, a red head…with a blended wig cap by the multi-fabulous Ilaria Mazzoni (who won’t return my messages of accolades over Booth, so I guess the whole bride-thing freaked her out).


Holly has an emerald green silk, two-piece lingerie set, and black ankle boots with zippers in the back. My boot ribbon bow came untied when I put the boots on – so I suppose I can shut KD down by ranting on my blog and on bulletin boards, right? Hardly – I just fixed it, because it just wasn’t that big of a deal – and I didn’t expect the price of this hand-finished/painted-piece-of-art to included bullying servitude rights subjected to my whims.


Be that as it may – everything else was nearly perfection. From the linen whore-red box, to the packing – and the little gold leaf charm included. This was a 2015 doll to have. And my camera begged for her. I’ve shot her in two of my Arpeggio collection outfits (yes, still unsold, bitchsee them here – and the (‘oh, that again?’) ensembles will continue to show up in subsequent photo shoots until one of you takes them off my photo list – or I get a place of my own to start sewing again – you decide.


Holly maintains a consistent, regal look worthy of the ‘Kingdom Doll’ moniker – she is sumptuous in expression and generous in mood – a doll you need to know, even if they are hard to find. Even top diamonds don’t appear everywhere for a song…or for long…


Enjoy the eye candy made possible only by Kingdom Doll – I just provided the holiday wrapping…and the Emerald Green Beaded Crochet Cocktail dress is by my late friend, Paula Kagan…so don’t even think about asking me to reproduce it…it’s truly one-of-a-kind.


Merry Christmas from Holly and Tommydoll – may you be blessed with happiness that allows you to not bitch about a doll for at least one week. And to our friends celebrating other holidays this season, your holiday salutations bring no offense to me, so shine your beliefs…and always glow brightly!!!

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16 Comments on “Kingdom Doll GLOWS in Our 2015 Holiday Shoot!

  1. Ah, you lucky devil! I have Cinnamon, and tried to get Holly…next is a try for Star — who takes my breath away! I adore your photos.
    A friend gifted me a lovely Sybarite with a knee joint that needed a little trim – and I love, love, love her! I now have 4 of their vinyls and they are wonderful.
    I would have more KD dolls, but… as many times as I have tried (5) I have yet to get one through their on-line sales. I have Cinnamon because I was lucky enough to go to the event in NJ – and I have Dauphine because of a doll friend – but I am not allowed to talk about that. Its like having doll royalty here and I feel so fortunate to get to play with them every day.
    I am so very glad to see you still posting even with your move and new job – Yay You!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tommy! Cheers, PB

    • Thank you, PB! It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the ones you love…enjoy your girls!!! And Merry Christmas to you!!!

  2. Glad to see the spirit of Christmas has not put a damper on your satire, dear! I agree 100%… so you chipped the ankle joint and the hip joints are stiff and the knees don’t match… please! These are mass produced playthings, meant for us to enjoy. Forget the avaricious idea of having your pleasure with her then selling her on and making a profit – who’s the doll whore then?
    Love ya – Merry Christmas!

  3. Tommy, this is a wonderful writeup on KD, and they absolutely deserve it. But if I am reading it right, you are describing Holly as one of the Novantae. Actually, there were only four releases of that sculpt (Nelson, Brighton, Hadrian and Brunel) plus Aquitaine, a one-off who raised a phenomenal amount at the Metrodolls charity auction this past October. Holly is the second release of the Brigantes sculpt, the first being Brigantia. The Brigantes sculpt is a much softer face, and, if I dare to speculate, a much easier little person to deal with. Those Novantae are absolute hell on wheels!

    • Thanks, Marie…I was reviewing comments this AM and noticed that…thank you for confirming! Got my sculpt releases mixed up…but happy to learn something new about them! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Loved it. Yes I bitch about not being one of the lucky ones, or on “the List” and right now I can’t afford ANY Piece of doll art due to a new job, so I am not complaining., truly. I will enjoy her thru your magnificant pics, which bar NONE are the best. I love you and your satire. And i am surprised some lucky person has not picked you up. I have met you many times at events, and one of the firstt warehouse sale that turned me off from all the hogs and grabbers and do not play well with others, I never went back. I don’t think you were at anymore either. I digress, again. Merry Christmas to you and a wonderful New Year. Hope the new job change is for the better for TOMMY and it makes you oodles of dollie money. What part of the states are you in now? Just because I am nosey. And bitchy…LOVE It… Love you, Emjay

    • Thanks, Emjay…I can’t even get them all even with a paycheck…but we got lots of folks that share great pics! I’m back in the DC area…and loving it! Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!!!

      • Yay… It is a great place I hear. Baby Sister who roams around, living in DUBAI now… misses DC. She said it was the best place she has ever lived. And she has lived in some cool places!!! But, alas, she doesn’t understand Dolls. Poor dear……

      • DC is my favorite US city…and I’m thrilled to be here again! But there IS the doll thing to contend with…LOL

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