Stay thirsty, my friends...

Stay thirsty, my friends…

Booth is an interesting man. He assumes a multitude of personas all in the name of his natural beauty that places him at the top of his game. He particularly connects with the camera in close-ups – where you can see an expression of smoldering romance and deep, personal inflection. The steel blue of his eyes pierces the lens in a captivating way that imparts a little danger, and a great deal of idealism. He is multi-faceted – and yet, he is still a doll.

boothi123 (3)

Open me…

Like all dolls, Booth takes to the stage in just about any variety of characters his owner can not only imagine, but can also manifest into a visual. Dolls transform from one personality to the next. Many collectors will assign a character to their dolls, with stories and experiences that define them – I’ve never really gone down that path. I prefer to look at a doll as what they are – an actor of sorts. Booth has a pre-defined persona given to him by his creators – but I take him into worlds where face and camera meet each other with sometimes breath-taking results.

boothi123 (5)

…release me.

Booth is not gay, straight, political, shallow or stupid – he is sexually fluid in front of my lens, and he can become every man I want him to be. If the thought of Booth as a gay leatherman offends you, then I’ve done my job. He doesn’t care, though – he is confident in his own masculinity, and proudly stands in each frame with those erotic blue orbs, and perfectly sculpted human architecture – and like great actors who have taken roles that make some uncomfortable – well, they are only doing their job. me...and my monkey.

…love me…and my monkey.

If you haven’t read my account of sewing clothing for The Kinsman, you’ll want to brush up on that here. Booth isn’t that mannequin I fripped up with finery and tailoring. The artistry that abounds within this finished man is one of awe. The face and body painting compliment his sculpted features beautifully – and at times, I felt as though I were playing with a fine painting in three-dimensions. His jointing affords him a step toward human – for the only things that separate him from a certain humanity is a few ounces of fine resin and a Blue Fairy to enchant him into a real boy.

Don't mind if I do, Darling...but the monkey has to go.

Don’t mind if I do, Darling…but the monkey has to go.

This variant of Booth is a special gift from Kinsman Doll – incorporating my love of gingers through a successful partnership with the glorious Ilaria Mazzoni to make this Booth mine. I give thanks to them for their kindness, and their love…and for my Booth.

Deep in thought...about pizza.

Deep in thought…about pizza.

And for those who live in my immediate area, I will be at the Gaithersburg Doll Show Saturday only, December 5, 2015 (here’s how you get there) – sharing a table with friends, including some of my work, and dear Booth for all to see and touch. Won’t you please join us for our little dolly circle jerk? I’ll show off my stuff, chat with friends, dish a little gossip, do a little dance, make a little love, take questions regarding the ever-convoluted world of doll-collecting and of course, baking. Hope to see you there!



By the way…some are Photoshopped to remove jointing seams…and some are not – there are many opinions about using Photoshop on doll seams – but this is my blog, so mine is the only one that matters: it’s perfectly fine, Puddings. Enjoy the eye-candy…he’s werqing it all for my lens…and for you. Click on any of the images for a larger view

booth123a (17) booth123a (16) booth123a (15) booth123a (14) booth123a (13) booth123a (12) booth123a (11) booth123a (10) booth123a (9) booth123a (8) booth123a (7) booth123a (6) booth123a (5) booth123a (4) booth123a (3) booth123a (2)

And if you are posing his swim trunks with the waistband turned up ‘granny panty‘ style – you’re doing it wrong.

10 Comments on “Tommydoll Returns with a Kinsman Photoshoot

  1. Hey, Tom! Well there’s a lovely thing to turn up in my in-box amid the welter of black Friday and cyber Monday crap! And oh what a hotty! And the doll isn’t bad either! 😀

    Seriously, that sounds like one heck of anice doll, there’s always something fascinating to me about a man with piercing blue eyes. Hope you have a wonderful time on December 5th, I’ll be thinking of you. If only I didn’t live so damn far away, like 6,000 miles away! Where the hell is that Star Trek transporter they promised to invent for me! I paid the deposit and everything! 😀

    Take care of yourself.

    Lulu. Xx

  2. Ok, Tommy. Now put Booth down and slowly step away!!! Repeat after me…..he is only a doll. He is only a doll. He is only a doll!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…… Thank you a fairly explicit description and such intimate photos of this doll. (Felt a little like a voyeur looking at this post.) No need to include Poppy in the picture. Something tells me he’s not especially into her. LOL!!! Just the thing to make me smile especially after all that’s happened here in Paris! P.S. Gorgeous doll. Bisous.

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