Month: November 2015

Tommydoll Returns with a Kinsman Photoshoot

Booth is an interesting man. He assumes a multitude of personas all in the name of his natural beauty that places him at the top of his game. He particularly connects with the camera in close-ups – where you can see an expression of smoldering romance and deep, personal inflection. The steel blue of his eyes pierces the lens in a captivating way that … Read More Tommydoll Returns with a Kinsman Photoshoot

Tommydoll Moves North…Really.

‘Farewell’ is a funny word that invokes so many different emotions. No, this isn’t the end of Tommydoll or my blog – but I will be on an indefinite break as I transition to the North and to my new career. It’s been an interesting circle the last 15 years, and one that almost seems to be scheduled – for the timing is uncanny. … Read More Tommydoll Moves North…Really.