Month: September 2015

MetroDolls Proxy Bidding Now Open

If you haven’t had a chance to check out MetroDolls charity auction for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – now’s the time to do it. If you are attending the event, you’ll have an advantage of live bidding – but for those of you who cannot be there, you still have a chance to own some of the magnificent artistry offered by donors from all … Read More MetroDolls Proxy Bidding Now Open

Celebration – New Designs For Sale

Run – don’t walk!!! New designs currently for sale – click here! And thank you for looking!!!

Les Bijoux – or How to Sew Beaded Fabric…Really.

“In the evening you have to knock ’em dead with glitter.” – Norman Norell. I can’t think of a truer statement. Beaded embroidery has been around for centuries dating back to ancient times; but with the advent of the 20th century, we’ve seen it transform through incarnations of 20’s flappers, 50’s fashion glam, and 70’s mermaids – up to the over-the-top designs seen in … Read More Les Bijoux – or How to Sew Beaded Fabric…Really.

Hell Hath No Fury

Lumos! There’s a lot to be said about reverse-engineering – but reverse-draping? I’m pretty certain it’s not something taught in design school…but hear me out… You may recall my post surrounding the making of White Tie. In it, I re-purposed a vintage 60’s cocktail dress that was falling apart, into a couture delight for our dear 16inch Poppy Parker by Integrity Toys. It’s not … Read More Hell Hath No Fury

Going For The Gold

Creativity can be the worst of bitches. In a mind so full of ideas and tons of fabric to explore them, I find myself in a pickle when it comes to making actual decisions. Many creative people can attest to this. It takes a strong focus to make it as a professional creative, and the rest of us are just playing in the sandbox. You … Read More Going For The Gold

Tommydoll en Français

The International Doll World just got a little closer – thanks to Cecile at Miss Vinyl Blog – my French-Speaking Puddings can now enjoy the satire, too! Here’s what ma chérie has to say: Note de l’auteur: Cet extrait des Sombres Chroniques des Wentworth est une « fan fiction », une pure parodie. Nul n’en fait commerce… le but en est l’amusement et le respect de la devise … Read More Tommydoll en Français

Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far

It’s always interesting and wonderful to see what you’re reading most…and Puddings, you have been reading Tommydoll! Thank you so very much for tuning in..and if you’ve missed any of these, please add them to your Fall Reading List! #10 – Precious Independence #9 – March Fashion Madness – A Photo Shoot #8 – The Anatomy of an Icon #7 – The Art of the Bride #6 – 2014 – The Year … Read More Tommydoll Top Ten 2015 Posts…So far