If you’ve been following – Anna has had a whirlwind of dancing. This is the final doll, dressed for her King – adding the beaded snood, hair styling and gown. Here’s how she fared in front of the camera…enjoy! She’s a lovely Barbie…but is Ann Swindell’s design and execution of the Siam Golden Palace Ballroom and its King that made Anna dance on a cloud! It was a masterful diorama…and worthy of top accolades…including the Barbie National Convention 2015 Judges’ Choice Award! Congratulations, Ann…magnificent job!


Barbie as Anna in The King and I – Dress, petticoat, hoop skirt, and snood by Tommydoll; Photo by Tom Courtney

_DSC0006 _DSC0025 _DSC0055 _DSC0057 _DSC0046 _DSC0030 _DSC0031 _DSC0046a knistill1a

And THIS is the actual diorama by Ann Swindell for the Barbie National Convention:

Shall we dance…?

10 Comments on “Anna Dances in our July Photo Shoot

  1. Stunning! The gown is fabulous, and so is the display and the King. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Thanks for this! Twenty years ago I commissioned a 15″ version (Gene) of this iconic dress, and we went through the same angst about the color–and we ended up with almost exactly the same shade fabric (in our case, also silk charmeuse) as you settled on. A lovely creation, and thanks for taking us through your artistic and creative process. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tom – Wished I had remembered that…and it’s good to know I’m not alone in the interpretation war! BTW…loving your photography, too! Thank you!!!

      • Thanks for the kind words about my photos. I don’t where you’re seeing them, but I’m putting my favorites here now: http://glassoffashiondolls.blogspot.com/

        From my perspective as someone who’s commissioned dozens of outfits over the past 20 years, it’s been great to follow your perspective from the other side–and to see just how painstaking the work is. I’ve always thought of this artistry (miniature couture) as almost wizardry or magic, but I see it’s also, literally, blood (just a spot!), sweat, and tears. 🙂

      • You can be certain I’ll be following…I largely see them being shared by various collectors on Facebook. Glad to know the web source, now. Thanks again, Tom…I love that we love the art as we do…it’s energizing and encouraging!

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