Month: July 2015

Rising From The Ashes

Inspiration can arrive in many forms. Usually, we are beset by the visual that brings such florid images to our imagination. But when you have a commission request from one who is blind…well, one’s thoughts of fashion-traditional ideas leave us for another type of inspiration – one that is tactile. It’s an intriguing thought, and one I thought I had nailed in the concept … Read More Rising From The Ashes

What Color is THIS Dress?

I thought I’d never be asking this question again. No…I just can’t let it go…and I might have been willing to accept that the original as seen in the movie was an iridescent fabric between peach and lavender, appearing lavender or peach in certain light/movement – but I’m not sorry for revisiting colors and dresses. I find it ironic that I give Tonner such … Read More What Color is THIS Dress?

Tommydoll Gets Some Action

Action Figures, that is…get your mind out of the gutter…really. Now that SDCC 2015 has come and gone with loads of exciting new collectible releases – AND – a dynamite NEW Star Wars Trailer, not to mention The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer…well, I could go on and on and on… Anyhoo…I can now discuss my involvement with Mezco Toys’ NEW One:12 Collective series of 6inch … Read More Tommydoll Gets Some Action

The Anatomy of an Icon

OK, so I don’t do reproductions – well, not exactly. There’s a difference in someone showing me a picture of a doll, and saying, ‘here, make this.’ Nope…won’t do it. But – when the inspirations come from the worlds of fashion and cinema, and as long as there’s room for interpretation (and there’s a challenge), then I can easily reconsider my policy of reproductions … Read More The Anatomy of an Icon

Is Doll Collecting a Sport?

“Sport” is an interesting word. It has both verb and noun usages – can even take the form of an adjective in its variations (sporty). But the primary definition most associated with this fascinating word identifies physical activity engaged in for pleasure, or a particular activity (as an athletic game) so engaged in. Commonly known sports include such competitive athletic games like soccer and … Read More Is Doll Collecting a Sport?

Precious Independence

Loving Superdoll’s Precious – GenX Vinyl Goddess…and she loves the camera! Enjoy the eye candy for your Holiday Weekend – oh, and sorry about that little scuffle 200+ years ago, England…you know we love you, really… Click on any image to see a larger version – she’s waiting, you know…

My Precious

It’s a July Photo Independence Declaration, don’t you know? Werqing with Superdoll’s Precious, newly arrived from London, and getting her groove on…click here, Puddings!!!