Because as of today, June 26th, 2015 – we can! Love and Congratulations to all those who waited so long…and we honor the memories of those no longer with us that never had the chance. Let love (and freedom) ring! Now to find a husband before all the good ones are gone

14 Comments on “Let’s Get Married!

  1. Another step toward true freedom and equality for all………straight with a gay brother and partner that I admire and adore. Karen

  2. Bless you all! When you find the spouse of your choice, I hope you will be as happy as Arthur and I have been.

  3. don’t go with a cowboy, lol. I am glad that some common sense has been approved of in high law, this is a long time coming as I have seen with friends the nightmare of not having contracts when something has happened to the beloved other: evil family has swooped in that wouldn’t even have anything to do with one friends partner to claim everything when he passed from illness. I got to play the bitch from hell in backing my friend up in holding onto personal keepsakes not out of legality so much as putting the fear of something into them [polishes halo perched on horns]

  4. I’m thrilled for my gay friends who have been committed to each other for such a long and can finally get married. IMHO happiness (whatever that may be) is more important than the ability to tie the knot. May your “Bonheur” find you!

  5. Congratulations on our getting this thing settled. It’s time.

    Back in the 1990s, my boyfriend had two middle-aged friends from AA that had been living together for years and everybody in the group “speculated” on whether they were gay, but nobody actually asked. No one would have dared ask these two buttoned-up, conservative men (who also had the same first names, and everybody addressed them as a pair—let’s call them “George and George”), it just wouldn’t have been “proper”. But all the bikers and tile-layers and other working-class folks in that particular AA group didn’t think about it too much, I guess—they all went on AA retreats together, and nobody brought it up (mature men, these!). George and George (an investment banker and an advertising executive) went off and married, the day after it was legal in Canada, and came back home to CT, hand in hand. The AA guys rev’d their bikes, washed their trucks, smiled and shrugged, and went on about their business, mostly just comfortable now that they finally knew. No one got upset about it. They just thought it was NORMAL, by this point.

    God knows what other nonsense George and George went through in their lives, professional and otherwise, before that, but they had been together for least 20 years by the time they married. They’d declared their territory, and had inhabited it, regardless.

    Luck and love to all.

  6. My beloved cousin and bestie was “married” in 2002 and it had to be just a “commitment” ceremony. The union didn’t last but I know it would have meant the world to her to have been legally married; I am still enraged that she didn’t get that! My best friend since childhood, a wonderful and handsome man named Chris, only came out recently at the age of 40. He was so terrified by how he saw gay men treated and portrayed that he lived a decades long lie! These are things that should never be forgotten or forgiven, but the things that are happening now are giving me hope. Knowing that the gay men and women I love will have the same rights and freedoms as myself absolutely thrills me!

  7. We are STILL waiting for equality in Australia where legislators have been dragging their feet. Jeesh, if the Irish can do it….! Oh, I forgot, we were Irish but never got over it. Congratulations, and may you find as much happiness as I have with my beloved common law husband Murray.

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