Please enjoy the images I took today of Amour – and learn how this bridal ensemble was made -click here. I am happy to announce that this ensemble is now sold – and thank you to all that inquired – including a wonderful shout out to Dave DeCaro and his Gene Marshall Blog for helping to broaden my reach – I thank you for that, Dave!!!


Amour Bridal Ensemble by Tommydoll to fit JAMIEshow’s Gene Marshall by Mel Odom


Amour Bridal Ensemble by Tommydoll to fit JAMIEshow’s Gene Marshall by Mel Odom

_DSC0026 _DSC0021a _DSC0003 _DSC0007

And Miss Marshall would like to extend a personal invitation to one new Tommydoll Blacklist member…welcome to the jungle, Pudding…get some therapy while you wait for new members to join you…


20 Comments on “Redemption for the Jilted Bride

  1. The more I look at this dress the more I love it. It sold super fast, now that’s the sweet taste of revenge!
    Great pictures Tommy and yes, I would need one of those hands for my 1/6 girls, just in case….LOL

  2. Thank you for your spin on the industry which we all love so much. Your blog always lifts my day and I look forward to your fresh and entertaining comments. I happen to own the same finger as shown but alas it is not in the 1/6,1/4, or 1/3 size range. Keep up the cynicism, Karen

  3. The outfit was a masterpiece and I was sure it would sell fast! Congrats on getting the best out of a bad situation. Is that hand real or digitally altered?

  4. ….Without a doubt, it was going to sell!

    Sadly, that client was one of those idiots who didn’t know what they wanted but did know what they didn’t want. As a former illustrator, I can’t tell you the number of times I was stiffed–even by major companies where art directors didn’t know what they wanted, let me guess and guess, then rejected the drawing. (It happens in most creative fields.) If I were you, I wouldn’t stop accepting commissions, but rather, insist that the client either clearly and precisely (with pictures & specs) explain exactly what they want or give you carte blanche, agreeing to pay you in full no matter the outcome, once you have hit that 3/4 mark in the collaboration. In any case, I’m happy it all worked out in the end. Gros bisous.

    • Thank you!!! Really appreciate your views and support…I am thrilled with the results…just sad it ended like that…and no warning at all…

      • Maybe they also ran out of money all of sudden. Happens. Possible here? People can do strange things when they overextend themselves…

        A designer needs a special thing I just invented this minute called “A-hole Insurance”…

      • I don’t think it was the money…I don’t think I will ever know the truth, but it just seemed rather deliberate to me. My reaction was probably not the most professional…but I can’t help feeling like I was had…

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