Month: June 2015

Let’s Get Married!

Because as of today, June 26th, 2015 – we can! Love and Congratulations to all those who waited so long…and we honor the memories of those no longer with us that never had the chance. Let love (and freedom) ring! Now to find a husband before all the good ones are gone…

OWN Exclusive Interview: Tyler Wentworth with Oprah

Lire cet article en français! – cliquez içi Author’s Note: The following excerpt of The Wentworth Shadows Chronicles is purely fan fiction parody. No one is making a red cent from it…and it’s all in good ‘power of play’ fun. If Hollywood happens to be sifting the internet looking for story ideas, this one will cost you a license from Tonner Doll Company, the rightful … Read More OWN Exclusive Interview: Tyler Wentworth with Oprah

Exclusively on OWN: Oprah Interviews Tyler Wentworth: “Marley is my daughter…”

You WON’T want to miss this…UPDATE: Re-scheduled to June 15 – Game of Thrones Season Finale is on Tonight, and Oprah doesn’t miss that… …check local prime time listings.  

Are Fashion Dolls Over?

It is true that only fashion dolls matter – not just because of their reach, but also because of their ability to take reality and transform it into different eras, ethnicities and fantasies, all while maintaining the one thing that unites them as a genre – the clothing. Baby dolls can’t say the same thing. But it is also evident that not all fashion … Read More Are Fashion Dolls Over?

Redemption for the Jilted Bride

Please enjoy the images I took today of Amour – and learn how this bridal ensemble was made -click here. I am happy to announce that this ensemble is now sold – and thank you to all that inquired – including a wonderful shout out to Dave DeCaro and his Gene Marshall Blog for helping to broaden my reach – I thank you for … Read More Redemption for the Jilted Bride

The Art of the Bride

There’s something truly beautiful about a bride, and whether it’s a female or male bride doesn’t really matter. There’s a certain joy you can see in the hopeful light of a bride’s eyes – one they carry as a beacon toward an unknown future together. For those that choose to embellish the matrimonial celebration with loads of frippery, you’ve got more balls than most. … Read More The Art of the Bride