Sharing some wonderful images from Joshua David McKenney of his beautiful Pidgin Doll – this one he customized to wear ‘Cristal’ (see how Cristal was made here)…thank you, Joshua!!!

Joshua David McKenney's Pidgin - wearing Cristal by Tommydoll

Joshua David McKenney’s Pidgin – wearing Cristal by Tommydoll

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9 Comments on “Pidgin Wears Tommydoll!

  1. The dagger as an accent is interesting, but didn’t it involve putting new holes in the jacket? And did that make you want to spit flame? (You don’t have to answer if it might risk offending your client.)

    Perhaps I just shouldn’t ask, but I am wondering…

    • The original Balenciaga coat had eyelets, allowing for a jeweled brooch in the shape of a dagger…I tried that option, but in this scale, machine stitched eyelets worked. I didn’t mind it when I saw what he did with the dagger…but yes, it drove me crazy to see them on that fabric!

  2. I have to admit I just found out about this doll today but I’m totally loving her! She intrigues me to no end. Fabulous outfit for a fabulous doll!

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