While other bloggers are reporting hard and strong on our community (thank youhow else would we keep up on our world?!), and a couple of them still haven’t a clue about writing a cohesive blog with a distinctive point-of-view, or copying another’s blog style – ahem, ahem…you know who you are) – I’ve been busy with the big lens…and boy, have I had some frippin’ fun! So – this is about the images…enjoy the eye candy…and enjoy Kingdom Doll’s Brunel – what a fine model she is!!!

TOMMYDOLL on Instagram

TOMMYDOLL on Instagram

Oh YES – and if you aren’t following me on Instagram – you’re missing all the in-between shit and shingles…

MadisonRead how Madison was made here


Kingdom Doll’s Brunel wearing OOAK Madison Ensemble by Tommydoll; Wig by Laurie Lenz; Sunglasses by Superdoll of London; Photo: Tom Courtney

_DSC0058 _DSC0059 _DSC0069 _DSC0072-2

Little Black Dress – Belle de JourRead how BdJ was made here


Kingdom Doll’s Brunel wearing Belle de Jour by Tommydoll; Shoes by Superdoll of London; Photo: Tom Courtney


Der Kommissar – Read how Der Kommissar was made here

Der Kommissar OOAK Glam Trench by Tom Courtney for Kingdom's Doll's Brunel

Der Kommissar OOAK Glam Trench by Tom Courtney for Kingdom’s Doll’s Brunel


_DSC0011 _DSC0015 _DSC0016

And we all need a little Disney Princess every now and then…


Princess Leia Senatorial Gown by Tommydoll (on Sideshow Toys’ 12inch Leia DOLL); Photo: Tom Courtney

6 Comments on “May Photo Frippery

  1. Such crisp, exquisite photographs, Tom. I love the reverse print on Madison, but somehow had missed Belle de Jour. It evokes fond memories of Deneuve’s perfect beauty. And Der Kommissar is truly amazing when the photo is enlarged so that even the components of the changéant taffeta are visible. Super pictures, beautiful designs!

  2. They’re all gorgeous creations…. but Der Kommissar is truly unique and my favorite of the group.

  3. I just love beautifully executed, retro-inspired daywear, and yours is very fine. I love what you did for the Kingdom dolls. And how great are contrasting collar-and-cuff looks? Pure Catherine Deneuve!

    You know, I have become MUCH more aware of photography on doll blogs because of your critiques here on Tommydoll; my eye has become fussy, and looks for flaws and finds it harder to forgive them. (Not the flaws themselves of the dolls that are photographed, but the flaws introduced or clumsily magnified through inadequate photography.)

    Your efforts really highlight the possibilities of showing truly beautiful doll fashion, and have elevated my taste in this regard. Your blog is like walking into an exclusive virtual high-fashion magazine for dolls. Photographed in a doll Atelier.

    Now I’ll go back to watching my Dark Shadows marathon (original series).

    • Oh I love Dark Shadows! And thank you! Remember…dolls do NOT have armpits…watch for that, and notice how often even top photographers do it…a shame, really…

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