Month: May 2015

Pidgin Wears Tommydoll!

Sharing some wonderful images from Joshua David McKenney of his beautiful Pidgin Doll – this one he customized to wear ‘Cristal’ (see how Cristal was made here)…thank you, Joshua!!!

May Photo Frippery

While other bloggers are reporting hard and strong on our community (thank you – how else would we keep up on our world?!), and a couple of them still haven’t a clue about writing a cohesive blog with a distinctive point-of-view, or copying another’s blog style – ahem, ahem…you know who you are) – I’ve been busy with the big lens…and boy, have I had … Read More May Photo Frippery

Maybe It’s Tatooine…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” If you don’t know this phrase, you really need to get your head out of your ass and live a little… She is perhaps the most iconic princess in cinema history without a tiara – and when she officially became a Disney Princess – well, let’s just say my incontinence was significant. Not only am I a huge … Read More Maybe It’s Tatooine…

Alles Klar, Dame Kommissar?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Brunel come in a coat?” Yes, yes…Kingdom Doll’s beauty did..and a very lovely duster in burgundy silk at that. But understand that I was exploring coats along my own path, and while making Madison, I decided to play with the pattern a bit to see how far I could take it. As often is the case with … Read More Alles Klar, Dame Kommissar?