Well, I’d love to pat myself on the back…but the other nominees in my category had been doing this much longer than I have…so Congratulations to ALL the Winners …Awards like these can be very exciting…and it’s always good fun to be included!

Now how about that Oscars Red Carpet…?

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9 Comments on “2015 #DOFDAs Winners!!!

  1. (Sigh….) I was pull in’ for you….because you’re one of the more “different” doll blogs out there. BUT…..wisdom dictates that it is most logical to 1st pay homage to the *elders* who paved the way. Congrats to you anyway for having been nominated after just one year!!!

    • Thank you…that was a pretty sweet honor, even if some others bloggers might not recommend me…they’d be lying if they said they didn’t READ me…trust.

  2. Its always interesting to see who wins a ‘popular’ vote … witness some of the monstrous wins in doll categories where the sacharine baby doll wins the public prize …

    I always find your blog the most informative and creative

  3. Hi Tom, first I wanted to say you have an awesome blog and I love reading it. It’s clear that you put a lot of time and thought into your blog posts, and they are the kind of posts that make you pull up with a cup of coffee and savor reading it, so you can enjoy all of the bits and pieces. You’re posts aren’t nasty, you don’t trash doll designers or companies under the guise of, “hey I’m just being honest and speaking the truth”. One can be honest and also display tact and decorum, which you do very well, of course. Others could learn a thing or two from you. Some people could be more gracious and less petty/passive aggressive, but I think some folks are just born that way, to be honest. Anyway… you, and your blog, rock! ~nick/dollguy

    • Thank you! I can be a bit harsh sometimes…but there’s always two sides to every story…thanks for reading ‘my side’…LOL

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