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Yeah…just about everyone is abuzz on this…so wanted to chime in, too – because (wait for it)…Tommydoll can’t wait for this celebration! If you have one ticket to get this year, I’d definitely jump on board for this cabaret. Click here for the registration link and details – and I’d do it pretty soon, if you ask me…only 130 seats for this, Puddings!

Gene Prototype

Gene Prototype

20 Years ago, Mel Odom and Ashton-Drake introduced Gene Marshall to doll collectors, thereby transforming the entire industry – read all about that history here – for no one can deny that Gene is singularly one of the most important dolls to be released in fashion doll history.

Premiere Gene

Premiere Gene

JAMIEshow also celebrates a 5th Anniversary this year, bringing exceptional design and gorgeous sculpts to the Goddess line-up. Adding accessories and high fashion of amazing caliber – JAMIEshow has solidly defined its place in fashion doll history…and its future…

JAMIEshow Gene Marshall

JAMIEshow Gene Marshall

Make no mistake, this event will usher in a host of revelry, misty water-colored memories, and a look at the history of how a sweet girl became a star. You’ll also be in a downtown hotel, so you’ll be able to drink in loads of Chicago in May. Make sure you save some time to see the Thorne Miniature Rooms, and to grab a glass of wine and nosh at Brindille’s – ’cause baby, you’re getting jazz lit with a Hollywood touch

JAMIEshow Holiday 2013 Collection

JAMIEshow Holiday 2013 Collection

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