If there is a name synonymous with sporty, tailored ready-to-wear fashion throughout the doll word, it would have to be Marcelo Jacob. His clean and jazzy ensembles have graced our favorite fashion dolls from Barbie to Fashion Royalty. Jacob’s ideals of fresh design can be easily seen his work, quality construction, and taste for graphic elements that create an identity with pop culture. He has an eye for American iconic sportswear, but adding flair from his European roots to create something more than visual appeal; he touches upon a mood for fun and the fantastic. You can see what I mean by visiting his website here – and his exciting exclusives for Marl & B by clicking here.


OOAK Graphic Tee by Marcelo Jacob


OOAK ‘Miss America’ Dress by Marcelo Jacob


So color me fantabulous when he wrote to me while visiting the US! Jacob had read Lily’s story, and offered contributions toward her cause. Within a couple of days, I had received a delicious one-of-a-kind graphic tee with dashing primary colors and a zipper back.

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It was made for 1:6 scale male fashion dolls, but I found that Barbie quite liked it, too! Click here if you’d like to follow this auction, or if you’d like to bid – the auction is only for 3 Days, starting now.


Barbie doll and accessorizing ensemble by Jennifer Mirc


In addition, Jacob sent a casual chic Helanca dress, entitled “Miss America” – where all material and construction were done entirely in the USA.

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It’s a snappy ensemble, versatile and elegant, and it includes a pair of sling back molded shoes, and black stud earrings. Click here if you’d like to follow this auction, or if you’d like to bid – the auction is only for 3 Days, starting now. It sooooo works on Barbie, as well!


Marcelo Jacob is also one of the organizers bringing you the 2015 Madrid Fashion Doll Show (website update is underway) – one I hope to actually get to this year if all things work out. I wrote about the Paris Fashion Doll Festival last year, and events preclude my attending in 2015 – so with MFDS scheduled in September, I have a bit more time to get my shit together…really. Unemployment does that to you…


In glorious Madrid, Spain – this event hosts collectors from many countries who collect different kinds of dolls, and it is brought to you by the official Barbie Club “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid”. Mark your calendar for September 11th, 12th and 13th, and start your travel planning now. Airfares to Europe are frequently discounted in March for travel occurring after Labor Day (Monday, September 7th in the US). You’ll also want to add a couple of days to drink up the splendor of Madrid, as the weather is beautiful that time of year.

Last Year's Theme - La Dolce Vita

Last Year’s Theme – La Dolce Vita

The organizers have coordinated with the elegantly comfortable hotel “Ayre Gran Hotel Colón”, which is near Buen Retiro Park and the main cultural museum area. The convention starts on Friday with collector activities and presentations. There will be a VOGUE Fashion Show and “Ibiza Pink Party” cocktail party in the hotel gardens – expect special gifts, raffles and surprises at the party, too!


On Saturday the party continues with workshops and more activities: In the afternoon there will be a special thematic VOGUE dinner where collectors will participate in the festivities. Mattel is kindly donating convention souvenir dolls which will be “accessorized” by the convention team to make these dolls unique and special. In addition, talented OOAK Spanish artists Marcelo Jacob and Mon-Lew (Lewis Gomez Pulido and Mónica Núñez del Castillo) will make an Exclusive Barbie doll for this convention dressed in a Vogue Style.

2013 MFDS Souvenir

2013 MFDS Souvenir

The party doesn’t end there – you’ll want to browse the salesroom on Sunday with a variety of fashion dolls, and the charity raffle where conventioneers can help with donations. In 2015, Madrid Fashion Doll Show will continue helping children through Charity NGO “Un juguete, una illusion” (One Child, One Illusion)”; MFDS raised over 5,500 Euros in 2014! This year, Spanish designers Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Modesto Lomba, Lorenzo Caprile, and Nacho Aguayo are contributing to the charity fund-raising, and the organizers hope many more are sewing incredible fashions for OOAK Barbie dolls, which will be auctioned on eBay. It’s through generous doll community support and world-wide talent that helps these children’s charity contributions – and just like Marcelo Jacob is helping Lily – you can fully expect Tommydoll to send a OOAK Barbie to support MFDS fund-raising, whether I get there or not!



If you are interested in this event you can join MFDS on Facebook “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid”- and – “Madrid Fashion Doll Show”, and our website www.madridfashiondollshow.com – For convention, donations, sponsors and salesroom information you can contact us at info@madridfashiondollshow.com or monbarbie@yahoo.com


MFDS is waiting for you! Pink Power!

And HUGE thanks to Marcelo Jacob for such a thoughtful gesture – man, it means the world to me!!!

2 Comments on “Celebration: Marcelo Jacob and the MFDS

  1. Marcelo is a very talented chap indeed as well as a very kind soul. I am hoping to be at Madrid this year, fingers crossed, but it’s a shame we won’t see you in Paris next month 😦

    • Thanks, Simon…I’m sad about Paris, but there’s a good reason hopefully to be divulged soon. Maybe I’ll see you in Madrid! And I agree…Marcelo is top shelf!!!

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