It’s a New Year…and it all started one year ago, today – my first post, A Treatise on Dolls introduced the world to Tommydoll.


One year later, we’re celebrating the year, enjoying a healthy readership, and sewing like mad…and I couldn’t have done it without you (and the doll makers who give me such consistent material) – and I am quite serious about that. Thank you from the bottom of my attention whoring heart…

Haute Doll Jan/Feb 2015

Haute Doll Jan/Feb 2015

I’m also quite thrilled to be appearing in print this turn of the new year…so if you haven’t picked up your Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Haute Doll Magazine – do it right now. It’s just chock full of Tommydoll frippery – from an insightful (if not humorous) look at insuring your collection against the evils of Aunt Myra


To the latest visual confectioneries from George Gonzalez and JAMIEshow, featuring gowns by moi

JAMIEshow Ladies wearing Tommydoll - Photos by George Gonzalez

JAMIEshow Ladies wearing Tommydoll – Photos by George Gonzalez

And a look through Tommydoll’s lens with fabulousness at the Integrity Toys’ Gloss Convention this past October…

Integrity Toys' Gloss Convention coverage

Integrity Toys’ Gloss Convention coverage

And as we begin a new year, I look back at my top ten blog post log back in September 2014 – and boy, has that list changed – here’s the 2014 Top Posts for Tommydoll as of New Year’s Eve:

It should be mentioned that #11 was only posted on December 14, 2014Top 20 Things Collectors Are Doing All Wrong – let us hope you are starting your new year appropriately with your black-eyed peas and a doll-collecting refresher…hmmmm?

#10 – Couture Illustrated by Ayal Armon


#9 – Saving Mrs. O’Neill

#8 – Why Barbie Is Important – For Dummies

#7 – What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.

#6 – How To Collect Dolls…Really.

#5 – It’s Not Lying, It’s Marketing…

#4 – The Anatomy Of A Doll Dress

#3 – The Top 21 Myths About The Doll World

#2 – The Top Ten Doll Blogs

AND here it is – the Number ONE Tommydoll Blog Post


#1 – What Not To Say To A Doll Collector

Was there any surprise about that? Thank you for reading – and have a GRAND 2015!!!

Stay thirsty, my friends...

Stay thirsty, my friends…

4 Comments on “Happy First Anniversary, Tommydoll!!!

  1. Dear Tommy, The latest blogposts have been both enlightening and entertaining, as always. However, one question has cropped up in my tiny mind: how big are those Microdivas? They look smaller than a Barbie, but larger than my 1/12 scale figures—so about 8-9″? Therefore in scale with nothing? I am just surmising this from the shots on their website, as no scale is given. Thanks, Marie Nido

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