Month: January 2015

Couture With a Mind of Its Own…

Many designers have a distinctive vision. They can clearly see a design in their head, render it to a reference sketch, and execute it beautifully. And then there’s me… I think that’s one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to cohesive design – although I can see the vision clearly in my head…I do allow it to run its own course, evolving as … Read More Couture With a Mind of Its Own…

Flutterwing Dolls by Shannon Craven Gives Big for Lily!

There are many repainters out there…but the renowned work of Shannon Craven at Flutterwing captures facial expression in a unique and bewitching way. I’ve admired Shannon’s celebrity work, and her fantasy art – many times, re-creating celebrity likenesses from sculpts not intentionally created to look like a particular person – that is an amazing talent in and of itself. Shannon is also currently nominated … Read More Flutterwing Dolls by Shannon Craven Gives Big for Lily!

#DOFDAs – 4th Annual Fashion Doll Awards

PUBLIC VOTING HAS BEGUN – CLICK HERE TO VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Congratulations to all the Nominees in this year’s #DOFDAs – with a lovely nod to TOMMYDOLL, too (no, I didn’t nominate myself). Now it’s time to cast your votes for the (CORRECTED) February 22, 2015 Winners’ Announcement! Voting is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – and it’s free…so you have no excuse…do your duty, or we’ll … Read More #DOFDAs – 4th Annual Fashion Doll Awards

Nothing Makes An Ensemble Like Jools!!!

The JOOLS arrived!!! Thank you Facets by Marcia!!!

Marquise OOAK Auction is NOW LIVE!

The Auction is NOW LIVE – Click Here to Follow or Bid – Thank You! To see how this gown was made – click here. Thank you for reading and participating!!!  

Using My Powers For Good

With great power comes great responsibility – or so they say. People close to me know that I am very attached to my family. As a single gay man who just hit 50 in 2014, I don’t have children of my own – so I live vicariously through my brother’s and sister’s children, and now, their children, too. My eldest niece, Elizabeth, is very … Read More Using My Powers For Good

Happy First Anniversary, Tommydoll!!!

It’s a New Year…and it all started one year ago, today – my first post, A Treatise on Dolls introduced the world to Tommydoll. One year later, we’re celebrating the year, enjoying a healthy readership, and sewing like mad…and I couldn’t have done it without you (and the doll makers who give me such consistent material) – and I am quite serious about that. Thank … Read More Happy First Anniversary, Tommydoll!!!