Signature Style

Signature Style

On December 14, 1999 – the very first Tyler Wentworth dolls shipped to retailers. It was a thrilling moment for the Tonner Cheerleaders – the first production run of Tyler was not without its issues, though…unpainted scalps, a hole in the head, and a minimal quantity in her initial shipment. But that didn’t sway any of we-the-faithful who had been virtually ‘playing’ with Tyler as a character in online fan forums since her February 1999 Toy Fair release. She is arguably the greatest triumph in Robert Tonner’s career as a doll artist and as a fashion designer – and to him, I give thanks for creating her.

signaturestyleba casualluxury_archive capitalinvestment

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The first five years would see Tyler explode as a leader in the collectible fashion doll arena. Her circle of friends would expand, her wardrobe filled trunks upon trunks, and her furnishings brought utter decadence to diorama dressing across the globe.

T16C5 T16L1 Florentine-TIF

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I always found it funny at the critics who didn’t like Tyler – calling her facial expression ‘vapid’ and lacking expression. Many opinions changed once the artistic magic of Sherry Miller brought out an inner character in Tyler’s eyes – but there were still those that just couldn’t warm up to her. I think I understand that now – 15 years later – but Tyler still owns my heart. You know the history herehere, here and here.

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She is the doll that attracted me to Tonner Doll Company in the first place. She is the reason I walked away from a lucrative career, loving friends and a home to be a part of her world. It would be a bittersweet decade, ending just after Tyler’s 10th Anniversary – how ironic that my doll career ended somewhere around the same time as Tyler’s. Be that as it may – I will still recall my time with her as some of the best years of my life (so far)…one day, I’m going to write another book about her – one that I won’t have to pass up the food chain for approval or editing.

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Picture3 Picture10 Picture13 TWBordeaux-Boudoir

In this post, I celebrate the brightest and best of Tyler Wentworth over 15 years – may her memory be a shining beacon to fashion doll collectors everywhere who endeavor to not only believe in the power of play – but to always glow brightly.


Glow, Baby…



12 Comments on “Happy 15th Anniversary, Tyler Wentworth!

  1. I remember well the first time I held a Tyler in my hand. An almost lifetime fan and obsessed collector of Barbie, I took a chance on this amazon. My husband couldn’t understand why I needed to but another doll (besides Barbie), but as I held that beautiful Signature Style redhead in my hand, I KNEW I’d made the right decision.

    Many dolls have come and gone through my hands, some willingly (Angelina), some sadly (Pink Champagne & Manhattan Nights) and some just disappeared (a RTW Saucy blonde that went out for a repaint never to be seen again), but I’ve kept a treasured core of dolls that will only leave with my last breath: that first Signature Style – she’s the queen of all she surveys and all the other dolls KNOW it!; Champagne & Caviar; My 5 repaints; Red Hot and Celebration (for which I will NEVER admit how much I spent). None of the others have to worry, but those few are my top shelf girls.

    I do have other dolls – more Barbies than I care to admit, BJDs, a FR16, a smattering of other Tonner lovelies and few of Tyler’s friends, but no doll, no line, no character in her story is as lovely, versatile and often literally breathtaking as Tyler is to me.

  2. Ok, don’t kill me, but until I began to read this blog I’d never even heard of Tyler Wentworth!

    • It’s okay…you’re not alone. It just goes to show you how strong marketing with loads of money doesn’t always build a brand like you think.

  3. Tyler is the doll that won my heart too and led to my current hobby and many talented friends in the fashion doll world. Thank you for the part that you have played in the success of Tyler, and in the development and expansion of related events, and opportunities now happening in the fashion doll world.

  4. I have a signature style, the first bending wrist one, and cherish her even though I have definitely moved on since I got her

  5. Thank you for this entry, T. It goes without saying that your presence in the creation and development of Tyler’s world made her truly special for me. Along with an anniversary salutation for Miss Wentworth, I’d like to thank you too.

  6. I read this post last year, wondered about this gorgeous doll Tyler Wentworth and left a comment which, for some reason, got truncated to one sentence. What got left out was that my resolution for 2015 was to own me a Tyler as soon as I could. In the UK this has been no easy matter as collectors who are selling are hard to find and prices for new or retired dolls are astronomical, but at this moment the Superstripes blonde tyler is standing beside me on my end table. But that’s not the end of it, oh dear no, that’s only the beginning! Little did I know that when I held that slim, slinky blonde lady in my hands I was going to be smitten and that before I knew it custom made outfits and mint in the box originals would start flying in from the five corners of the globe, that each new find would give me intense happiness. Yes, I’m broke but happy!

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