Month: December 2014

2014 – The Year That Was In Dolls

  2014 was an interesting year for dolls, no? You had true magnificence and devastating disappointments, as we always do in the doll world. There is no question we are much more impassioned about our hobby than say…stamp collectors. Be that as it may, we cheer along with the grandest, and repress conniptions when we feel that age-old turn of the marketing machine’s thinking we’re some … Read More 2014 – The Year That Was In Dolls

Merry Christmas from Tommydoll!!!

For Your Consideration – #DOFDA 2015

It’s that time of year again, and I’m hoping all my readers are not only a part of Doll Observers’ thriving community (because community is what it’s all about!), but they are scouring the year’s best to make #DOFDA nominations not later than January 3, 2015. Nominations are for members only – and membership is free – so make it a point to get … Read More For Your Consideration – #DOFDA 2015

Celebration: 75 Years of Magnificent Dolls

GONE WITH THE WIND is an American icon, and on it’s 75th Anniversary, I’ll let you do your Googling to find out more about it’s history…but this is all about the dolls (and we won’t mention this)- and here is just a sprinkling of various creations over the last decades – it’s an eye-candy tribute to the Greatest Film Ever Made…enjoy!

Top 20 Things Doll Collectors Are Doing All Wrong

We already know how to play with our dolls from here. I’ve been personally involved in each and every one of these things…so I know what it means to not love your dolls correctly. Yes, it’s true…guilty, guilty, guilty – as charged! We learn from each other to foster more mutual respect within our community, and to keep us from looking like dicks. This … Read More Top 20 Things Doll Collectors Are Doing All Wrong

Happy 15th Anniversary, Tyler Wentworth!

On December 14, 1999 – the very first Tyler Wentworth dolls shipped to retailers. It was a thrilling moment for the Tonner Cheerleaders – the first production run of Tyler was not without its issues, though…unpainted scalps, a hole in the head, and a minimal quantity in her initial shipment. But that didn’t sway any of we-the-faithful who had been virtually ‘playing’ with Tyler … Read More Happy 15th Anniversary, Tyler Wentworth!

The Best Doll Concepts…Really.

Let’s sit down for a little history lesson, shall we? This post has taken months to write. There are dolls here of which I know a great deal, yet others – not as much. In my search to find the best doll concepts, I found that they didn’t have to be separated into fashion dolls and everything else – because – only fashion dolls … Read More The Best Doll Concepts…Really.