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I’ve got my gloss, in five fantastic shades and flavors, thank you very much – do you? Next week, Integrity Toys hosts its highly-anticipated, instantly sold-out, 500-seat 2014 Gloss Convention in Orlando, FL – and Tommydoll will be there! I am certain you’ve all had time to brush up on your manners, yes?

Tommydoll will also be bringing along a couple of my own designs, as well – so we do hope you’ll join us and all the costumed attendees, incredible artists and fun vendors making Halloween night a splash!


Watch for updates and fun here on Tommydoll…and on Facebook – I’ll be sharing, though as my priority of coverage will be for HauteDoll Magazine – but we’ll still have the go-to selfies, and souvenir reports, and all the fashionable convention madness you’ve come to know from Tommydoll – it’s going to be quite the fête, puddings!


Of course, this Wednesday is my 50th Birthday…yes, you guess it – half a century – who knew I would make it this far – really? This event is my 50th Birthday Gift to myself…and my celebration with the best folks out there – DOLL PEOPLEwho’s ready to bring it?

I'm just mad for the style!

I’m just mad for the style!

And tell me, dolls…what will the souvenirs be? Will Poppy make another 5th Anniversary arrival? What will Jason wear? Who will wear Jason? What do you want to see and/or know? See you next week, babies…

Am I forgetting anything, puddings?

Am I forgetting anything, puddings?


2 Comments on “Integrity Toys 2014 Convention – Getting Glossed Up

  1. You know what they say, Tom – if you haven’t grown up by age 50, you don’t have to 😉
    Looking forward to reading your take on convention. Enjoy!

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