Too big for my britches...

Too big for my britches…

Writing this blog has been a therapeutic experience for me, and I want to thank all of you for reading and putting this blog on the tips of wagging tongues everywhere! Presenting the Top Ten Tommydoll PostsYOU, the Readers, have made this your destination for lively doll-world reading…and this is what you have read most:


#10 – Why Doesn’t Love Last?


#9 – Why Barbie Is Important – For Dummies


#8 – What A Fashion Doll Is…Really.


#7 – It’s Not Lying, It’s Marketing…


#6 – Saving Mrs. O’Neill


#5 – The Anatomy Of A Doll Dress


#4 – How To Collect Dolls…Really.


#3 – The Top 21 Myths About The Doll World


#2 – The Top Ten Doll Blogs

AND here it is – the Number ONE Tommydoll Blog Post…taking all of them by storm in the shortest amount of time:


#1 – What Not To Say To A Doll Collector

I can certainly say that I’ve got a pretty good idea what you like…yes? What were your favorites?

Because Aunt Myra wants to know...

Because Aunt Myra wants to know…

7 Comments on “Tommydoll Top Ten Blog Posts

  1. Hi Tom! I am not surprised to see “what not to say” is the most read post. It is surely my favorite- I continue to reread it. I love the same parts over and over again. “how much did it cost?”- “why, are you going to steal it?” The best answer to any nosy questions.
    Today’s saga of charmeuse could skyrocket too. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. The #1 post is the one that brought me to your blog! I read it first, then the rest. They are all very nice but that one is probably the most shared on social media by frustrated collectors. Do you plan on writing more posts similar to the most popular?
    By the way, is it possible to add Blogger to your “log in methods”? I feel weird posting from my personal, no-doll-stuff Facebook.

    • I’ll look into this…Blogger and WordPress are competitors…so not certain there is an interface, but I will check it out. As for more writing similar to the top ten – you can count on it – Thanks for reading!

    • Nope, sweetie…sorry…Blogger (Blogspot) and WordPress don’t mix (one of the reasons I went to WordPress). As for what’s next…perhaps you should actually READ the other posts in the Top 10…and maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do…cheers!

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