Of course, it wouldn’t be doll convention without the loot, right? As an added advantage at our particular table, we were also gifted by tablemates with the coolest Barbie accessories for your iPhone, iPad and a wallet/organizer, Barbie Scarf and rhinestone ear buds, as well as jewelry, candy, champagne and a delightful assortment of goodies – they were quite generous and unforgettably fun.

Table #9 Gift Dolls from Tablemates

Table #9 Gift Dolls from Tablemates

Here’s a breakdown, which includes official souvenirs and some items from our particular table (but not all are featured – there were just too many)…

IMG_0839a1 (2)

My Funny Valentine Heart Box with Shoes

IMG_0839a1 (3)

My Funny Valentine Gift Chairs

IMG_0839a1 (4)

Barbie Sings! CD

IMG_0839a1 (5)

Jingle Bells Christmas Tree with all the Trimmings, Working Lights/Batteries and a Menorah

IMG_0839a1 (6)

Tiny Dreidel included with the Jingle Bells Tree Set

IMG_0839a1 (7)

Barbie Christmas CD

IMG_0839a1 (8)

New Year’s Eve Midnight Celebration Barbie (African-American) LE300 and two Champagne Glasses

IMG_0839a1 (10) IMG_0839a1 (11) IMG_0839a1 (12) IMG_0839a1 (13)

Midnight Celebration Caucasian Version

Midnight Celebration Caucasian Version

IMG_0839a1 (14)

Souvenir Bag and Assorted Convention Items, including gifts from Kmart and American Greetings

IMG_0839a1 (15)

Barbie & Ken Gift Set given as table gift at My Funny Valentine Luncheon and University of Tennessee Barbie given to Barbie Fan Club Members in the Salesroom

2 Comments on “Souvenirs at BarbieCon

  1. Oh wow, I really need to get to a barbie convention – this is awesome!

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