Souvenirs at BarbieCon

Of course, it wouldn’t be doll convention without the loot, right? As an added advantage at our particular table, we were also gifted by tablemates with the coolest Barbie accessories for your iPhone, iPad and a wallet/organizer, Barbie Scarf and rhinestone ear buds, as well as jewelry, candy, champagne and a delightful assortment of goodies – they were quite generous and unforgettably fun.

Table #9 Gift Dolls from Tablemates

Table #9 Gift Dolls from Tablemates

Here’s a breakdown, which includes official souvenirs and some items from our particular table (but not all are featured – there were just too many)…

IMG_0839a1 (2)

My Funny Valentine Heart Box with Shoes

IMG_0839a1 (3)

My Funny Valentine Gift Chairs

IMG_0839a1 (4)

Barbie Sings! CD

IMG_0839a1 (5)

Jingle Bells Christmas Tree with all the Trimmings, Working Lights/Batteries and a Menorah

IMG_0839a1 (6)

Tiny Dreidel included with the Jingle Bells Tree Set

IMG_0839a1 (7)

Barbie Christmas CD

IMG_0839a1 (8)

New Year’s Eve Midnight Celebration Barbie (African-American) LE300 and two Champagne Glasses

IMG_0839a1 (10) IMG_0839a1 (11) IMG_0839a1 (12) IMG_0839a1 (13)

Midnight Celebration Caucasian Version

Midnight Celebration Caucasian Version

IMG_0839a1 (14)

Souvenir Bag and Assorted Convention Items, including gifts from Kmart and American Greetings

IMG_0839a1 (15)

Barbie & Ken Gift Set given as table gift at My Funny Valentine Luncheon and University of Tennessee Barbie given to Barbie Fan Club Members in the Salesroom

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