Get it, Girl...

Get it, Girl…

There’s no denying a well-organized event…and in this of the first seated meals, the Steering Committee and Mattel pulled out all the stops. I am always entertained just like a little giggling girl when I come across musicals, and Barbie’s musical skit was well-played – even taking advantage of some of the silliness we have all grown to love with America’s favorite teen fashion queen. I get to the souvenirs later…but this is really about putting on a show


Nashville Table #9 Rocks!


Centerpiece – everyone at the table received the heart box with shoes…so much fun!


I loved Midge…


They were very cute…well-portrayed and professional…


Alice, dear…another rabbit hole?


Mattel kicks it off…


Table mate gift…


Another table mate gift…how can you not love that face?


Snapshot of a bygone era…


A very convincing Barbie and Ken…


Loved the stage decor…

My blog is satire, but your thoughts are welcome!

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